Honey, what is THAT?!!??


(how to deal with a husband's
reluctance to get a cat)




Hello and Merry Meet~

I have just come from your site... very well done! I wanted to share my cat story just *because*

I had been asking my husband for a kitten or cat for months, and he always declined. I had just about given up, when one night while home

alone, I heard a scratching at the door. It kept on and on, and I looked through the peephole and saw nothing. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of opening the door, but the scratching was driving me crazy so I cracked it open. In walked a fluffy orange cat. She was gorgeous... all orange and white fluff, with tiger stripes. Her eyes were lovely green and she immediately purred and rubbed against my leg. I ended up letting her lounge around until my husband came home. He walked in, sat down right ACROSS from the cat, and didn't really see her. Then he cleared his throat and said, "Honey, what is THAT?" I just shrugged and told him that she came to me. So... we ended up keeping her. (Tiger Lily is her name.) Well, she started to get fat... and fatter, and fatter. I could feel kittens in her belly. I was excited but nervous. On March 11, 1999 she gave birth; a scared little cat delivered 2 kittens. A small litter, but well loved. Well, the other kitten didn't survive. So we were left with a tiny runt. A dark gray kitten with a white stripe down her nose. I couldn't bear to separate the mother and baby, and so -- my husband consented to a 2nd cat. :-)

I still believe in my heart that Tiger Lily sought me out on that lonely night... she knew I needed her. And I've been blessed with 2 adorable friends. Tiger Lily and Tinker Belle. For her to come to me, and never leave means something to me.

thanks for listening