To harness the fighting powers through the Goddess of War, and to project this potential in a way that intimidates all would-be adversaries. This is for the purpose of allowing for free growth and passage in all directions with minimal resistance. In the course of this rite, the operator(s) create a demon-pentacle of the resitricting and conflicting forces that can be defined. The pentacle is then broken, transformed by fire, and finally lain to rest in the Earth as new seeds of the Warrior Will.

Materials and Tools:

- One 2 ox. package of modelling clay (per operator)
- A few ounces of flammable liquid (lighter fluid, gasoline, etc.)
- A receptacle for the burning pentacle
- Shovels or other tools to dig small holes
- A ritual dagger, or other magickal combat weapons

The Rite:

0. An opening ritual is performed

1. Statement of Intent:

It is our will to see our limitations and boundaries and by projecting our war potential through them we will expand without resistance.

2. Invocation:

"Inanna Inanna Inanna Inanna Inanna Inanna Inanna
Let us taste your bloody rule to cast aside our Hul!
For our Namtar a war is fought, Fear our Ni', Azag be naught!"

(this invocation is repeated twice)

3. Preparing for War and Knowing the Enemy:

Create a pentacle with symbols, sigils, and/or pictures upon it that represent adversaries and competing forces upon the clay. One person will time a baking period in a kiln or oven while all chant with combat tools displayed:

"Imin Idim!"

4. Going to War:

Take the pentacle and go to the place where it is to be burned. During this walk, operators visualize themselves marching through a battlefield and slaying the Demons of the Pentacle. Carry all magickal weapons and tools in the left hand, along with the pentacle.

5. The War is Won:

Once at the designated place of burning, proclaim:

"Su Tag Ug!" Break the pentacle into pieces.

6. The Burning:

Place the pentacle into a burning pit or receptacle with the liquid fuel and repeat seven times:

"Sud Innanna Imin!"

7. The Warrior Rests:

Dig a hole and put the remains of the burnt pentacle into it. Bury the remains and say: "Warrior minds need not war... Il Aka!"

8. Banish:

Draw the warrior rune Teiwaz over the burial spot and banish with laughter, or by other means.

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