Inanna is a Sumerian goddess of love, beauty and war. This rite is to acquire the understanding and balance of love and beauty in a world that is tilted by hatred and war. Inanna will give us the ability to see the beauty in all things and allow us to pass it on.


The Rite:

0. Open with Gnostic Thunderbolt, Vortex, or other opening rite.

1. Place pentacle love side up and focus upon it while chanting Inanna (Ihn-ahn-ah). MO voices Invocation I.

2. MO joins in chant while frequency and volume build toward glossalaliac climax and a scream of "Inanna!"

3. Silence. Pentacle is turned hate-side up. Focus upon it while repeating Invocation II three times. On the third repetition, light the pentacle with the green candle and drop it into the cauldron.

4. Silence. Focus upon the pentacles burning for a few moments and pick up one flower each. Dance around the cauldron for a few moments (optional).

5. Banish with laughter or other means.

Invocation I:

Inanna of love and beauty
Hear our voice
Inanna of passion and lust for life
Be here with us now
Inanna give to us your eyes
For to see the beauty in all things
In our past and in our future
Inanna let us see and hold
The higher power and purpose
Of love and beauty
By this, Inanna, let us see and hold
The higher power and purpose
Of hate and war
In our past and in our future.

Invocation II:
(Power of love Change all)

After the rite, the flowers may be kept as magical symbols of Inanna and the power of love, or given to someone of choice to project the power of this rite to others.

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