Influence Devices

  1. Prepare a list or inventory of your "bad" qualities on a piece of paper whose color doesn't appeal to you. Write it with the hand you don't normally write with. Then create an inventory of qualities you would like enhanced in your selves on a pleasing piece of paper in your "dominant" hand. From these develop your sigils, both mantric and linear.

  2. Create your servitors or "influence devices" out of sculpty clay and bake them. You may include part of your sigil paper into them, or add any other things. They represent the "better" qualities you will bring into your awareness.

  3. Examples:

  4. Spend the baking time discussing each other. A few minutes before they are fired, or hardened, take the sigil of the "bad" qualities to a toilet. Achieve mantra-gnosis via the "bad" mantra and toss the sigil paper into the toilet when sufficient asc is achieved.

  5. State: "I flush you away!"

  6. Take the "good" servitor from the oven. Chew and swallow the remaining, good, sigil and begin the mantra. Holding the servitor above you in your dominant hand achieve mantra-gnosis (using the "good" mantra of course) to bring the servitor to life with these words: "I bring you to life. Influence me!"

  7. Clap and laugh to close.

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