Insurrectional Resurrection Rite



  1. Go outside and open crown chakra. Draw in light of full moon to illuminate subconscious awareness. Go back inside, place burgundy/brownish red candle in piece of monument from cemetary. Meditate on 11 years that have passed in preparation for this. Build desire for successful universal autonomy. Try to clear mind of all prepared ideas and plans, then rest hand on edge of candle holder as sleep comes. Ask for a shamanic guide to come during night.
  2. On easter, (the next day), put on "Filigree and Shadow" by This Mortal Coil and light taper. As light from the flame reflects on the air around it, link with ancestors and let trance state claim consciousness resistence to abandonment of independent "self." Hold in mind a thought of the need for a "civil" war to gain our right to autonomy and freedom to be individuals and invoke the Conneaut dead:
  3. I call: who could not understand the thrill of freedom who shrank from the push of "choice" who so jealously guarded your claim on family who cried for yourself but not for others who so bullied and abused friends who so fiercely demanded and signed laws who so righteously claimed to know the best for your neighbors who so condescendingly set your city limits who restricted the knowledge your schools taught who saw the lies in all beliefs - except your own who so stubbornly clung to reason and sense who garrotted your instincts and slaughtered your dreams who limited your children even as you beat them who condemned adventuresome women who only watched in unconfessed desire who feared and risked not
  4. Now that you are dead and can see how your blindness forfeited the chances you could not see when you were living and had the right to act, I call on you to back those who do trust the whispers you refused to hear. Those who WILL act to unloose the changes you were so afraid of. Those who hold the vision you turned away from.
    I was born of the dreams of those damned to know. I am the present of their sacrifice. And I am of my ancestors: I will not be stopped. And you are dead of the living you have created, but left living as dead. Take the chance I offer and breath life into what you left so bound and dull. Back them who WILL act. I exchange my egocentric self rule for the honor of carrying your force by proxy to serve the creative force my self is aligned with.
  5. 5. Spill blood in cemetary to seal.

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