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!!! Welcome To The Yeti's Lair !!!
  Our page is about us, our interests, thoughts and learnings. In searching for personal information, we noticed that there were a lot of resources out there. We have a great many links to all types of comparative religious related sites. Our appreciation is also sent out to the people who construct such marvelous sites. Enjoy! and Learn!

 Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!
The Yeti's Lair has been on-line (in one form or another) since the summer of 1994.
We are proud to have been among the longest unbroken running pagan research sites on the web.
We are also proud to continue to have no ads or other commercial applications on our site.
We have been in this current format since October 1997 and as you can see we haven't bothered to update the webstyle to something more "modern". Same silly graphics, but same easy access to information and lightning fast load times even if you are living deep in the woods or on top of a mountain using dial-up internet access
We have had over One Million unique visitors since 1997.
Thanks so much for visiting our website and we hope you find it useful!
-The Yeti's Lair
- Summer 2013


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