This ritual requires that one travel from one's home to perform it...to assist in phenominizing the necessary changes...therefore it is ideally performed on a trip or a vacation, etc.


- Jupiter or equivalent incense
- Jupiter oil or Road Opener oil
- One balloon for each participant
- A sharp object (pin, etc.) for each participant
- Optional: Tibetan Bells or meditative inducing music


Participants should be barefoot or in stocking feet. The incense is lit beforehand and each participant has hir balloon and pin at hand. MO has the oil. Participants sit in a circle. Music (optional) is started.

The Rite:

1. Participants close their eyes and chant "FETH QICHI GEZMEQ" in low voices, continuously until gnosis is reached.

2. When this happens, participants each take hir balloon and start blowing it up. While blowing it up each person should strongly visualize all hir blocks, troubles, poverty, etc. being "blown" into hir balloon with each breath.

3. When all balloons are full, everyone takes hir pin and punctures hir balloon. All shout "ANOKQUZ HUCOYE!" and laugh heartily.

4. Then participants each take a drop of Road Opener or Jupiter oil as it is passed around and put one dab on the bottom of each foot, one on the palm of each hand and one in the center of the forehead (third eye). After this is done all shout "XIQUAL GEZMEQ!"

5. Banish with laughter, and optional drinking.

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