- Drums, flutes, sheets of metal
- Jupiter incense
- 2 blue candles
- Strobe light (optional).


Each participant should have a task or tasks in mind that they wish to have succeed or a goal that needs aid to be achieved, or some thoughts of areas that need "seeding" or "dominance" in their lives. These "intents" should be made into a sigil with a mantra which is to be spoken later. You should be burning an appropriate incense, such as (what else?) Jupiter. There should be one or two blue candles burning, nothing else. When light is needed, it will come. The strobe light should be set to flash at intermittent periods of about 20 seconds. Participants will need a drum, sheet of metal, flute or good, strong throats.

The Rite:

0. The participants sit in a circle with either drums, flutes, sheets of metal or clear throats. They will be imitating a storm to herald in Jupiter. The statement of intent is lead by the Main Operator and then the storm begins with appropriate invocations as each piece is added, first winds then thunder.

1. Statement Of Intent:

It is our will, that we bring forth our Jupiter nature from within our many selves, to smite our obstacles as enemies and succeed in achieving our goals with the energy of storm clouds and the swiftness of thunderbolts!

2. The participants will begin blowing their flutes, not to achieve music so much as to create the sound of wind. This may be substituted with great, full-lunged exhalations imitating the sound of a rising storm breeze.

3. The First Invocation is spoken by the M.O.:

Jupiter, Zeus: Thunderer, Smiter, Chief among the gods!
We call upon you to come forth and meld with us!
Let the sound of the stormclouds passing be your beacon!

4. Those participants with drums will begin to beat on them in thunderous beats, building as thunder does. Those with sheets of metal, will ripple them to imitate thunder. Those with neither, will simply imitate thunder with their voices using full-lunged exhalations.

5. The Second Invocation is spoken by the M.O.:

Jupiter, Zeus: Thunderer, Smiter, Chief among the gods!
We call upon you to come forth and meld with us!
Let the crack of thunder be the sound of your arrival!

There should be what sounds like a regular tempest broiling at this point. Participants will continue their storm imitation until the main invocation is finished.

6. The Main Invocation is spoken by the M.O.:

Zeus, on high, Jupiter, the sky!
By every name the king of gods am I!
Come forth and render our enemies asunder!
Come forth and blow us to our goals with thunder!
Seeder of heaven, ruler of all
Jupiter, Zeus, heed this call!
The storm your domain, the sky your name!
Jupiter, Zeus, grant us our aim!

7. The storm ends, the lights come on and each participant gets out their mantra-ized sigil of intent. They will focus upon it as they stand up. Each one of them is now Zeus! Each should adopt an attitude, posture and voice appropriate to the king of the gods as they storm about the room, with heavy footsteps, decreeing their mantra to all else around them. This mantra is an order by the highest authority. It is a command! And it should be spoken accordingly. This blustering should continue for about five minutes or so, until the final invocation is read.

8. The Final Invocation is spoken by the M.O.:

Thank you Zeus!
The thunder's peal
Praise Jupiter!
With lightning's zeal!


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