Kamea Kreator: Majik Squares

A kamea or majik square is made up of consecutive numbers that equal the same number when vertical, horizontal and diagonal numbers are added together. The following "rules" will work with any odd-numbered kamea.

I've used them for a number of unique sigils, wherein I take a desire's words, eliminate the doubles, and write the letters remaining into a square in order (adding extras if necessary) and drawing out the resulting sigil while repeating the mantra I've created. The sample is an accessory; the purpose of this tract is passing on the "rules" for majik squares on to you (for fun, dammit!).


Example: This square uses the numbers 1 - 24. Rows, columns and diagonals equal 65.

17 24 1 8 15
23 5 7 14 16
4 6 13 20 22
10 12 19 21 3
11 18 25 2 9


The Rules:

  1. Place the first number in the middle cell of the top row.
  2. For every number in the top row (except the last one), place the next number in the bottom row of the next column to the right.
  3. If a number has a vacant cell diagonally above and to the right of it, place the next number in that cell.
  4. When a number has been placed in the top right cell, place the next number in the cell below it.
  5. For every number in the last column (except the top one), place the next number in the first column of the row above.
  6. Whenever none of the other rules work, place the next number in the cell below.


An Example:"I desire to manifest a magnet of inspiration in sleep"
Letters remaining: I-D-E-S-R-T-O-M-A-N-F-G-P-L
Writing it down backwards with extras: LoPaG FiNAM OTRiS EDaa'I
Creating the square, adding vowels where blanks remain:

e o L N S
i G i i E
a F R I e
M T a a P
O D u o A

Then, (and this can be done a myriad of ways) draw a line from the first letter of the desire to the next, until a simple shape manifests. In this case "I-D-e-S-i-R-e" is drawn upon, an "o" marking the starting point and a "|" the line's end.


The resulting sigil may be launched using any preferred method of course (if you know what a sigil is, then you can figure that one out); in this case, I kept the majik square with the sigil drawn upon it under my pillow. Results were better than expected.

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