Kia Magnification Rite

This was a ritual I wrote to perform with a group of friends. I was trying to link the idea of light as dew or water of life within which the gnosis of the ritual would serve as a fountain for this magical essence, an open conduit of Kia, enriching the chaoverse with the extension of our will, magnifying our powers and perfecting our lives.


- Skull-shaped candle
- Glass skull cup or symbolic equivilent
- A strong liquor or wine (or water for those disinclined toward alcohol)
- 6-volt "camping" battery and 2 lengths of copper wire


0. Skull candle is lit in the center of the space. It represents the supreme archtypical consciousness.

1. Shoshone Invocation:

Trace the swastika in circle around the 4 directions, moving widdershins and proclaim:

"In the East where the Sun rises,
In the North where the cold comes,
In the West where the Sun sets,
And in the South where the heat comes,
To the Father Sun and to the Mother Earth."

2. The cup is filled and passed around, while the M.O. recites passage from "Kabbalah Denudata" by MacGregor Mathers:

"From this cup distilleth a dew upon him which is holy...

3. Participants visulaize a multi-tiered fountain of light cascading (radiating) outwards towards the members of the circle. This light is visualized as crystalizing within the participant's skulls, emanating outwards towards the masses of 6 billion glowing skulls receiving the kia or manna distilled by the alembics (alembic vessel of purification and refinement) of our skulls(as modified with our will.)

(Note: I used the Duino Elegies for a liturgy with an intro from Grateful Dead, the Waters of Life, to stress the water of life theme . I played Luxferro's "the chalice" to enhance the climb towards gnosis.)

4. When the invocation to the Crowned and Conquering Child stage came up, nearing the peak of ritual gnosis, we used a method of firing off the sigil:

Statement of Intent: to become more powerful magicians.

5. The sigil is attached to the battery, and the wires are touched to the Third Eye and then to the tongue, the slight shock used to "spark" gnosis. The sigil is thus charged and then forgotten.

6. Close with GPR.

7. Banish with laughter.

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