This pathworking is designed to enable the participant(s) to go back and retrieve something which was lost, given up, or abandoned during the past four years. This can be an idea or desire, object, or the participant(s) may use the working to re-consecrate some magical tool or servitor from the past. Whatever the goal, it should be decided upon before the pathworking is begun.

1. You are standing in a hallway. The floor is unstained wood, the walls octarine. You are facing south. Before you is an average sized oak door. Behind you, to the north, is another door, identical to the first. There is also a door on your right and a door on your left, each identical to the first two. Reach out and open the door in front of you. As your hand touches the metal doorknob you feel heat. Turn the knob and step through the door.

2. You are standing in the middle of a huge desert. The air is hot and dry, making it difficult to breathe. The heat of the sand beneath your feet inches up into your body. As you look down at the sand, you see that it is vermillion colour with flecks of crimson and emerald. Directly ahead of you in the sand is a huge red triangle, larger than you are, in the center of which flames large fire - glowing orange and scarlet. Its brightness hurts your eyes and you are blinded for a moment.

You concentrate on the triangle, fighting to keep your eyes open. Everything you see is so clear, so visible, it is unbearable. Just above the top point of the triangle you see a scarlet pentagram, on the right lower point of which is the number 301 written in gold. In the center of the pentagram, also in gold, is the number 496. You look to the bottom of the triangle and see on the right a huge fire opal. The colours of the opal are flashing in the sun, creating a bright strobe effect, nearly blinding you.

On the left you see a large poppy flower. You feel an incredible desire to move toward the triangle, but in your way lies a large male lion, watching you threateningly. For a moment you are frightened, knowing that you must reach the flames, that what you wish to retrieve lies within them, consumed by its own absence. But you know that you cannot yet pass the lion. As you watch the lion, trying to think of a way to move past it, you see a large wand in the sand on its left, a lamp on its right.

Move forward now carefully and take up either the wand or the lamp. The lion watches you warily, but makes no move to prevent you. Now, with the tool in your possession, you know that you may pass the lion. Step forward now and enter the flames, moving through whatever journey you must in order to find what you wish to retrieve. Interact with the symbols as you will and use them to bring any aspects of aggression, will, sexual energy, heat, or action to what you bring forth.

Return now to the triangle, bringing what you have retrieved as well as the tool which allowed you to pass the lion. Leave the triangle and move back toward the door. Open it and return to the hall.

3. Move toward the door to the east on your right and open it. The doorknob is warm, somewhat clammy. Push the door open and step through. You are in a huge field of blue emerald green grass. All around you is sky, blue and infinite. It is warm, but you can feel moisture in the air, the wind is blowing strongly. You can smell the scent of anise and wisteria so strongly that it is painful.

In the distance you can see a huge eagle flying toward you. As you watch the eagle coming nearer, you know that it will take you in its talons and crush you. You look around quickly, searching for something with which to fight off the approaching eagle. You see to your left a dagger, to your right an emerald coloured fan covered with gold specks. Think quickly and take up one of these tools, the eagle is almost upon you.

With the tool in your hand, you realize that the eagle will not harm you. It whizzes over your head, rushing you with the scent of anise and wisteria, almost knocking you over. Then it is gone.

Before you, on the ground, you see a blue circle. In the middle of the circle is a bright pale yellow pentagram. Looking at the pentagram, you see the number 66 on its upper left point. In the center of the pentagram is a blue topaz. Interact with these symbols now and use them to bring any aspects of intellect, thought, communication, information, or inspiration to what you have retrieved.

Leave the symbols now, taking with you the tool which you took up to fight the eagle. What you have retrieved seems alive now, with an essence of its own - formed, but still an idea, not yet substance. Turn back to the door and return into the hall.

4. Move toward the door to the north, open it and step through. You are surrounded by stone. All around you are huge rock formations of citrine, olive colour, russet, and black. It is cold here, but dry. You touch the stone, its texture lightly scratching your skin. You can feel every groove of the rock, it is unbearable.

Before you is a large dark brown cave. You feel a strong urge to go into the cave, to touch the stone, but as you step forward you notice a large bull standing before the cave opening, pawing the ground in agitation. You know that you cannot pass. Then you see before you a large disk and a small vial of salt. Reach for one of these tools and pick it up.

With the tool in your hand you know that you can now pass the bull and move into the cave. Step through the opening of the cave, run your hand along its rock wall, feel its rough texture. As you enter the cave your eyes meet darkness. For a moment you are blind and then your eyes become accustomed. Looking forward you see a large yellow square. In the middle of the square is a black pentagram. You see on the left lower point of the pentagram the number 291 written in yellow. In the center of the pentagram, also in yellow, is the number 1101.

As your eyes move to the top of the pentagram, you see a large amber stone. Below the pentagram is a clump of ivy. Interact with these symbols, pick them up and feel them, using them to bring any aspects of stability, materiality, security, or protection to what you have retrieved. Mould it now, feeling its properties in your hands as it becomes material to you, not just idea.

Put the symbols down now and move away from them out of the cave, taking with you the tool you took up to pass the bull. Return to the door and pass through it into the hall.

5. Go to the door to the west. Open it and step through. You are standing on short, deep olive green grass before a large lake. It is raining. You are cold and wet, but it makes you feel fresh rather than uncomfortable. Looking out at the sea green water, you see the reflection of the crescent moon, flashing silver. You feel an urge to move toward it, but in the grass between you and the edge of the water is a scorpion and a large snake, coiling as if prepared to strike.

As you look down, you see on your right a silver cup, on your left a silver cross. You can tell that the cup holds liquid, bend to pick it up. The liquid in the cup is wine, it looks inviting, you find yourself thirsty. Drink the wine. You taste it more clearly than anything you have ever tasted before, it is unbearable.

Put the cup down now and look out at the lake. You begin to see pictures in the water that tell you how what you have retrieved will change and affect you. Take a moment to interpret the pictures.

Your gaze shifts to the reflection of the moon again, you want to swim out to it. Reach for either the cup or the cross. With the tool in your hand, you realize that the scorpion and serpent will not harm you. Move past them to the water.

Go into the lake and move toward the reflection of the moon. The water is shallow and you do not have to swim. As you approach the reflection, you see that there is a white pentagram floating in the center of the moon.

On the right upper point of the pentagram, you see the number 276 in purple. In the center of the pentagram, also in purple, is the number 650. To the right of the pentagram, you see a small aquamarine. To the left is floating a large lotus flower. Interact with these symbols and use them to bring any aspects of emotion, purity, love, endurance, or hidden qualities to what you have retrieved.

Suddenly you are washed downstream. The lake has become a rushing current, too strong for you, you can no longer feel the bottom. The water wrenches what you have retrieved from you and carries it away. You are being rushed after it by the current, struggling against the waves to stay above water. Finally you can no longer fight, you are being pulled into blackness, carried along by the water.

6. Suddenly you are floating through nothing, black emptiness, a void. Silence is the only sound and it is deafening, unbearable. Before you is a large black egg, also floating through nothing. You know that within the egg lie the tools that you need in order to complete your work. You find yourself moving through the egg into more of nothing, plummeting in no direction; there is no direction, there is no end.

You see a sphinx, crowned and with a sword, and know that you cannot pass it and move into the material world. Then you realize that around you is the egg. Fighting against the deafening silence, you grasp for the egg, knowing that touching it would allow you to pass the sphinx. Finally you touch the egg. The egg is nothing, the egg is inside you, you are the egg. You look down at yourself and see that there is a white pentagram drawn on your chest, on the topmost point of which is the number 401. Beneath the pentagram lies a clump of almond flowers.

Within you is what you have retrieved. Interact with these symbols now and use them and the tools you have collected to mix the elements you have brought into what you retrieved. Fuse the elements and the tools with each other and with the object. Make them parts of one another and of yourself. When you are finished, open your eyes and return to the material world.

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