The Lizard elixir Rite was designed to not only intensify, but also to do divination via dreams. The lizard, as a symbol for dreams, would seem an appropriate totem for this rite.


You will need an elixir base. Use something that you actually like to drink, but do not drink very often. Write the question you have for the divination on a piece of paper, and have a chalice on hand as well. A sigil or totem of a lizard is also required.

The Rite:

Statement of Intent: It is our will to intensify dreaming and do divination therefrom.

000. Close your eyes and begin deep, rhythmic breathing while visualizing your lizard sigil.

00. Begin visualizing lizards crawling from all directions toward you and your chalice.

0. Visualize your sigil turning into a live lizard and crawling into the chalice.

1. Say aloud:

Earth, air, water, fire
All the powers of the land and sea
Come forth to do my will,
Bring answers and intensify my dreams
As I will, so mote it be!

2. Ask your question to the elixir.

3. Drink the elixir.

4. Banish with laughter.

5. Fold the piece of paper with the question upon it and place it under your pillow or beneath your mattress, or some other appropriate place, when you next go to sleep.

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