The Opening to the Paths of Probability


The Logris is most easily conceived as an opening made to access the infinite field of variables, and thus the paths of probability themselves. It brings into play the four elements of classical alchemy (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) with the four known forces of quantum physics (gravity, magnetism, the weak force and the strong force), thus representing a closure of time and the invocation of Pandaemonaeon itself.

The "spaces" which the Logris accesses are timeless and without dimension; any manipulation taking place within the Logris does so without cause and effect, without time, and without any type of spatial disturbance. Variables accessed by the Logris may be manipulated in a positive or negative "direction"; they can be made to coalesce into a manifestation of any kind, or to be made to come apart, removing a thing from manifested reality. Thus, the Logris may be applied as an opening to any working, as a rite of closure, or as a gateway through which to send or bring something.

A fully-constructed Logris, before it is set into motion, is exactly the same as the Vortex of Pete Carroll. In fact, this rite, like so many others of mine, is an attempt to reinvent other already existing rituals in my own language. It resembles the following diagram:

Note the presence of the following new Ouranian Barbaric words as well:

Gravity - NOWOLE
Magnetism - OSAWAGA
Weak Force - SIEGONICA
Strong Force - THOWNAC

All of these forces may be either attractive or repulsive, dependant on the context in which the Logris is created.

If the four classical elements are thought of as representing the four forms of matter (gas, liquid, solid and plasma), then the four forces may be considered to be that which drives the states to change from one into another. If they are considered as alchemical principles, then the forces are what pulls them apart or forces them together.

In any case, it is necessary that the magickian know that what hishi is creating via the Logris is a wormhole in space and time that reaches into a core wherein logic is meaningless, and the behavior of the variables is dictated strictly by the whims of the one opening the Logris.

The Rite

0. All participants in the rite stand facing a common center. With eyes closed, draw a few breaths and relax as completely as possible. All should visualize three rays about the body: a central, straight ray of octarine that runs from above the head, through the body's center vertically, and down into the ground; a curved ray of black on the left side; a curved ray of white on the right side. This accomplished, all cry out "XIQUAL UDINBAK" (phenomenize Chaos).

1. Each participant raises their hands before their eyes in the form of two "OK" hand gestures, in such a manner that the circles formed by the thumbs and forefingers form a tube and the elbows are touching, The wrists should be rotated outward so that the four remaining fingers of each hand are pointed away from each other as much as possible. The tube described above is held up so that the participant can see through it. All should envision the space so formed as a swirling orb of many colors.

2. The hands are seperated vertically, with a cry of "XIQUAL ASHARA, NOBO" (phenomenize fire and earth). The sigil for fire, being a triangle with its apex pointed upward, is visualized at the top, and the sigil for earth (an inverted triangle with a horizontal line through its center) at the bottom.

3. The hands are brough back together as in step one, and then seperated horizontally with a cry of "XIQUAL DIJOW, THALDOMA" (phenomenize air, water). The sigil to the left is an inverted triangle (for water), and to the right a triangle with a line through it (for air).

4. The hands are again brought together, and seperated at a 45 degree angle relative to the cross formed so far, with a cry of "XIQUAL NOWOLE, OSAWAGA" (phenomenize gravity and magnetism). The sigil at the lower right is a circle (for gravity), and at the upper left a circle with a line through its diameter (for magnetism).

5. The hands are again brought together, and then seperated at a 90 degree angle relative to the line drawn in step 4. Participants cry out, "XIQUAL SIEGONICA, THOWNAC" (phenomenize the weak and strong forces). The sigil at the upper right is a circle with a cross inscribed (for the strong force), and at the lower left a circle with a vertical line at the diameter (for the weak force).

6. The hands are brought back together. Participants bring them to their lips and shout through the thumbs and forefingers "XIQUAL LOGRIS" (phenomenize the Logris).

7. Participants now breath as rapidly as possible through their hands, opening the eyes with each inhalation, and closing them with each exhalation. The speed of breathing is gradually increased as all visualize the eight-rayed star beginning to spin. The central part of the star should be visualized as spinning more rapidly than the arms, with the sigils at the extremities spinning slowest of all. The effect is that the arms begin to bend in the direction of the spin, forming a disk or sphere with eight triangular, curved fins, each tipped with one of the eight sigils. As the speed increases, of course, such definition will gradually be lost, and the multiple colors visualized at the center will blend together into a dark grey.

8. The rapid breathing and visualization continue until all participants are unable to do so any longer. At this point, the hands should be flung apart forcefully, accompanied by a cry of, "XIQUAL XIQUAL CHO XIQUAL" (phenomenize the phenomenization of phenomenization). The Logris has manifested.

The Closure of the Logris

When all workings are completed and the Logris is to be disspelled, do the following:

1. Place the hands together as you did at the outset of the opening, but in the reverse order (so if your left hand was in front of your right when you opened the Logris, your right should be in front of your left when you close it).

2. Look through the thumbs and forefingers and locate the center of the Logris.

3. Bring the hands to the mouth and inhale as deeply as possible through the thumbs and forefingers, drawing in air until the lungs are completely filled.

4. Cry out:

Thus is the Eschaton!
Within me it begins, within me ends!
Behold, I dissolve the ľons and absorb the remnant!
All the gods and demons are we!

5. Banish by laughter.

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