This rite is based on both the Celtic and Nordic tradition of brewing mead. Both mythologies use mead as an elixir of inspiration. In the Celtic Myth, Taliesin was born after drinking out of Cerridwen's cauldron. She brewed a mead for a year and a day for her son, who was quite stupid. It was to give him instant and total knowledge. However, the caretaker for the mead, Gwion, accidentally took the mead instead. Gwion was thereafter know as Taliesin, the greatest Bard of all times. In the Nordic legend, Odin brewed Othroenir, or Mead of Inspiration. Oethroerir is also the name of his cauldron. Following this tradition, this rite brews a mead of inspiration.


This rite has two stages, the first is the actual brewing of the mead and the second is the consumption. The following is for the first stage only.


- A Large Cauldron or Pot
- Water
- Honey
- Almonds, Hazelnuts, Vervain and Horehound
- Wine Yeast
- Campden Tablets
- Sigils of Inspiration (These should be drawn on white paper with non-toxic markers)

The Rite:

Begin the mead brewing approximately one hour before the rite begins. This will entail bringing a gallon of water to boiling over an open fire. Once the water is boiling, add 31/2 pounds of honey and dissolve. Bring to a boil again. Boil for approximately 45 minutes. During this last boiling, the rite should begin.

0. Opening - All participants gather round the cauldron and open with The Rite of Three Rays or The Rite of ALU.

1. Statement of Intent - "It is our will to brew a mead of inspiration."

2. Preparatory Statement - Repeat the following thrice:

To bathe in the waters of life
To wash off the not-human
I come in self-annihilation
And the grandeur of inspiration

3. Charging of the Sigils - All participants slowly circle the cauldron deosil nine times whilst chanting "Ansuz, Perthro, Ing". Concentrate on your sigil. After the ninth circuit, remain stationary, but continue chanting until gnosis is reach ed and then, anoint each sigil with saliva. Hold onto the sigils.

4. Invocation - The M.O. should recite the following invocation:

Hail Mimir!
Guardian of the dark waters of wisdom.
Hail Kvasir!
Son of the unity of the Gods.
Hail Cerridwen!
Crone of ancient wisdom.
We brew this mead seeking inspiration.
Come Mimir, Come Kvasir, Come Cerridwen
Infuse this mead with your knowledge. (Toss in 12 Almonds)
Enchant this mead with your power. (Toss in 12 Hazelnuts)
Fill this mead with your wisdom. (Toss in Horehound/Vervain)

5. At the end of the invocation, each participant should toss in their sigil stating "So mote it be" or "It is done" or some such statement.

6. Banish with laughter and merriment.

The mead should be allowed to cool to a blood warm temperature. Add the yeast and the campden tablet and let sit over night. In the morning, strain the contents into a large vessel and store in a cool dark place for at least three months. Bottle and use when desired.

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