This is an idea for the creation of martial glyphs with different types of Martial energy. After they have been created, these glyphs can be used as sigils and detonators in any rite or work where Martial energy is desired. Each glyph should only be used once and destroyed thereafter.


To begin the process, one may set up any type of suitable environment as necessary. For example; the lighting of red candles, use of Mars oil, etc....

The use of music with a Martial tinge is suggested.

One should have a pen and several pieces of blank paper (at least five) in front of them. Leave one piece of paper blank. Label the others (at least one of each) with the four elements. The pile of paper should be in the order of Water, Earth, Air, Fire, with the blank piece on top.

The four elements correspond to Mars as follows: Water is Mars energy directed inwards towards itself. Earth corresponds to work and progress. Air corresponds to aggression and creativity. Fire corresponds to war and conflict.

The Rite:

1. It begins with a statement of intent: "It is our will to create glyphs of Mars to be used as detonators whenever Martial energy is called for." This may be followed by an evocation of Mars as desired.

2. Next all participants will begin to scribble randomly on the paper until a desired state of gnosis is achieved. Then one person says "Water-Stasis-Inward-Mars."

3. Concentrating on these key words, everyone will draw randomly on the paper labeled 'Water', crating their glyphs. After a suitable amount of time, the speaker will say "Earth-Productive-Work-Mars" and the glyphs for this aspect of Mars are created. The words for air are "Air-Creative-Aggression-Mars". For fire they are "Fire-Dynamic-War-Mars".

4. When all the four aspects have been drawn, laughter banishing follows.

5. The finished glyphs should be transferred onto separate pieces of red paper and kept in a safe place until needed.


The creation of several glyphs per aspect is suggested since each one can only be used once. The water aspect of Mars can be used to tone down aggressiveness in oneself or others. The earth aspect can be used to increase productivity, energy for projects, and for anything related to work. The air aspect is good for increasing creativity and personal aggression. Fire can be used when martial energy needs to be directed at someone, i.e. an enemy. We do not suggest this use of Martial energy unless absolutely necessary and you are ready to have your hands full! This aspect of Mars can also be used to help solve inner conflicts.

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