Part of Martial power is projecting the glamour and vitality that warns the world not to mess with you. In this rite, we will get into a state of Gnosis through excitatory method, using barbaric chanting, drumming, invocation of Mars (or a warlike god). Then look into a mirror and see our warrior self. We take war paint and paint our faces to enhance the vision and make it evident to the world. This is the power, glamourous, vibrant being that shall go forth and conquer in the mighty name of Chaos!

Materials Needed:

- War Paint
- Drums
- Mirrors for each participant
- A fire would be appropriate but optional

The Rite:

1. Statement of Intent:

"It is my will to invoke the Power of Mars and channel it into a new image for myself while manifesting Martial power!"

2. Barbaric Invocation:

Rafhaxet! Axbim Vawej cho Dinthoqaf!
Feth lohixoz Hev bicow oxo Zuwahble.
Zamthetus Honugic cho Heflubesqad!
Feth qedrader seh Radovar cho vawajeza Fotchpang!

(Mars! Great God of Power!
We invoke You in our Selves!
Savage Strength to Us!
We call holy War on the old order!)

3. Participants begin playing drums and Barbaric Chant:

Cho Radovar! Cho Radovar! Lohixoz Rafhaxet! Aepalizage!
(To War! To War! Invoking Mars! Immanentize the Eschaton!)

4. We chant and drum and (perhaps dance around the fire) until we are in a state of Gnosis. Then we each take a mirror and gaze at our warrior selves. Then paint our faces and do a war dance.

5. Banish with laughter.

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