A Matrix is something within which something else originates or takes form. In this working, Diffusion, symbolized by: "D".

The process by which the Entropy is made into useful energy is, of course, Change. Change is symbolized by: "C".

That which is within the Matrix is that which uses Change to transform the Entropy. In an organism, these are molecules. In this rite, they are the magicians active within the AX, the working group, and/or the working space. They are symbolized by "*".

Here we come to a gross perversion of science.

In this rite, the concepts of molecule and cell are being combined to represent two faces of the same thing. Once the energy is transformed, we want to ensure that the cells of the organism are allowed to control the release of the energy in accordance with their needs. The cells, of course, are also the magicians.

The element which gives the cells this control is called Reversibility, which may be understood in this rite as Intent. It is symbolized by "R".

The new useful energy which is created by this process is called Free Energy and may be understood as free or useful information. It is symbolized by "F".

That which serves as the vehicle by which the new energy or information is transferred to the proper areas is a Bond. In mitochondria, this is a chemical bond which carries the energy to parts of the body. In this rite, the Bond is the magical act and is symbolized by "B".

If the Matrix rite is the sole magical act and is being performed for a specific intent, other symbols on the ends of the squiggly line may apply. For instance, if the Matrix is being opened with the intent of drawing new people into the AX or the working group, the symbol might be "N" or "P" with the working group's sigil on either end.

The idea is that "E" represents the energy or information, and whatever is on either end of it is what is carrying the energy. It symbolizes a finished product. So, participants may want to use different symbols at different openings. If the intent is money, then a symbol such as "$" may be appropriate. Generally speaking, the symbol "F" should be used when a Matrix rite is being performed to open a space for further workings.

E = Entropy. Non-information or useless information.

C = Change.

F = Free Energy.

R = Reversibility. Useful, new, information. Intent, direction.

M = The Matrix. AX, working group, working space.

D = Diffusion. That which brings the Entropy into the Matrix.

Y = The components of Magicians.

B = Bond. The magical act which carries the energy to its target.

The Rite:

1. The M.O. will draw the symbol of the Matrix above the working space and all participants visualize its presence. While drawing the Matrix, the M.O. speaks the following words, one for each arm of the star:

"Tuai-t, Sesh, Ari Kheperu, Sah Shef, Pena, Hem-t, Qass-t, Tennu."

(Entropy, Diffusion, Change, Free Energy, Reversibility, Matrix, Bond, Parts).

In this way the Matrix is opened and all of its components are present.

2. The M.O. now moves to a cup holding a teabag and a cup holding hot water which are on the ground. Pointing hir finger down at the cup with the teabag, s/he draws the sign of Entropy, S , over it with the words:

"Tuai-t un shta-t aankh."
(Death is potential life.)

3. Pointing down at the cup of water, the M.O. draws upon it the symbol of Diffusion with the words:

"Sesh shta-t."
(Diffusion spreads potential.)

4. The M.O. then pours the water over the teabag, visualizing the Entropy diffusing into the environment much as the tea diffuses in the water.

5. Bringing the drawing hand around as if directing the diffused Entropy, the M.O. will proceed to the East and draw the symbol of the working components of the Matrix, Y, before hir with the words:

"Shta-t shep ari khet."
(Potential becomes active.)

6. With the same directive motion, the M.O. turns to the West and draws the symbol of Change, D, with the words:

"Per-a ani ari kheperu."
(Activity brings change.)

7. Moving the hand in the same directive manner again, the M.O. turns to the North and draws the symbol of Free Energy, G , with the words:

"Aiu qema messuth."
(Change creates birth.)

8. Again moving the hand as if directing the combined components, the M.O. now moves to the South and draws the symbol of Reversibility with the words:

"Aankh qem seshem-t."
(Life finds direction.)

9. Moving the hand as before, the M.O. turns to the center of the Matrix and draws the symbol of the Bond before hir with the words:

"Seshem-t qema s-khepi."
(Direction creates motion.)

10. All participants state:

"Hem-t un aba hur utcha tet"
(The Matrix is open and activated)

Visualize all of the components working together in the process of energy transference within the Matrix. As energy increases, the Bond is visualized as quivering from the pressure of the active force. If other workings are to be done, they are commenced at this point. The next step is performed once all the workings are complete or immediately if the Matrix rite is the only ritual to be performed.

11. The M.O. will place hir fingers underneath the previously visualized "Bond" and flick it upward above the head where it will shoot up through the center of the Matrix and out. With this action all state:

"Kheper hem-t!"
(Autonomize the Matrix).

12. Laughter follows. Afterword: (Just kidding)

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