The purpose of this rite is to charge a talisman with mercurial energy for whatever use one may find for such an object. My personal favorite would be to keep it in a pocket, or on a necklace when one would need that burst of orange energy. One could keep this around when one has a job interview, an argument with a loved one, (when one is wrong and doesn't want to admit it), or perhaps if one gets pulled over for speeding a lot.

This talisman can either be grasped when needed, or merely kept on one's person, similar to having a rabbits foot around for luck. Since Mercury is beneficial to gamblers, one might want to keep this around when one goes gambling, instead of the paw of some innocently cute little fuzzy thing.

Items needed:

- Mercurial incense
- Talismanic materials

0. Construct a mantra from a statement of will based on what your talisman will represent to you. Examples, "I will lie like a dog and no one will ever know." "I will gamble and win fortunes." On one side of your talisman, draw a sigil made from your mantra. This should represent the mercurial power that will be invoked.

1. Vortex

2. Statement of Intent: "It is our will to charge this my talisman with the splendor of Mercury."

3. All should begin in an attitude of complete relaxation, a feeling of knowing that no matter what happens, they can talk they're way out of it. One can picture oneself acing an interview, talking that cop out of a ticket, or any other situation where one's orange expertise turns things to their advantage. During this time, one's saliva should be allowed to build while the MO does the invocation.* The saliva represents the glibness of tongue needed to talk oneself out of sticky situations.

4. When the invocation is done, swallow, and begin spinning randomly about while chanting one's talismanic mantra. This should continue until one falls down in an exhaustive lump, charging the talisman in the process. Do not banish as one would with a sigil. Instead, feel the talisman's power now.

5. Banish by laughter

6. The talisman is now consecrated to Mercury, and should be kept about one's person when that burst of orange is needed.

* And so we have our mercurial lust,
grasped in the palms of our hands.
Fly to we with the speed of thee,
dust in a tornado flinging mind to wind,
wind to a taste of success.
Snakes entwine us in the force,
we lie, and the world believes.
We gamble, and we win

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