A game for the chronically misunderstood, and those who don't want to be that way. Featuring the džmon "LUBULODD," for 3 - 15 players 18 and older.

Needed for play:
An Open Mind about yourself
A tent
A strobe light or candle in glass jar
A small mirror
Pen and paper

Introduction to THE MIRROR MASK:

The džmon LUBULODD (loo-byu-loathe) appears as a mannequin with a mirrored mask, carrying a pen and pad of paper upon which roles and scripts are written. In the Latinized version of this old Dracian myth, "Deo Lubbuloed" (god of the mirrored mask) is called upon to dispel illusion and grant insight into the expression of one's "spirit" or personality. Like the VITRIOL acronym of the Alchemists, she emerges from the "core of the earth", carrying "keys" which unlock the deepest receptacles of the Self in others. Collectively, these keys are called the "fates" or destinies of the human souls they belong to, in the misleading context of a single key to a specific individual. In the sense used in this game, we each have the potential for a myriad of "destinies" to unfold before us at every moment.

The idea of destiny, of a singular life pattern, is a convenience; False Evidence Appearing Real. No one's "destiny" helped them in accomplishing their goals, as we often only become aware of a pattern in our lives in hindsight. It was perseverance and creativity, circumstance and perception, will and imagination that molded the reality-plastic.

Remember, there's more information in actually doing something than can be received by just thinking about it. This game may be adapted for solo use by employing a consecrated "Mirror Jar" within which are roles/adjectives on slips of paper. The primary benefit comes from the examination and experience derived from acting out a contrived or one-sided persona. By the playing of the following game, each participant is given the opportunity to investigate these "patterns" of character and ritually "play them out". In this way the adjectives of self can be harnessed and enable (by a greater understanding of the role) the sorcerer to present the self she sees within him or her to others with more ease and confidence. A "played-out" role no longer exerts the same power to control and take over as it did when it had free, reactive, reign upon the dominant personality whenever the opportunity presented itself.

The mudra, or gesture, used to call the džmon is formed by one's hands held before you, palms facing inward and fingers interlaced, with the thumbs of both hands pointing to each opposite side. The sigil of LUBULODD is drawn upon the mirror's face, and used to align or connect the consciousness of the Invocateur (INV) to that of the Daemon's.


0. There are no light sources in the working area for the following experiment, except what may be provided by the moon and/or streetlight. However, during the invocation phase of the rite, a strobe light or candle is used within the tent. It is turned off or extinguished before the INV emerges from the tent in the form of LUBULODD.

All participants are hooded and wear black. The INV is provided with a small mirror, a pen and pad of paper.

A short, fifteen minute meditation is suggested for participants before play begins. During this meditation period, each participant examines his or her own feelings about him- or herself and makes a mental note of short phrases which seem relevant to or descriptive of their dominant and sub-dominant personalities. This phase is called "The Roster."

A tent is erected in the working area by everyone except the one who is to invoke the dĩmon. SHe is in another room and will be called when the tent is erected.

Whatever banishing is to be done commences.

1. Statement of Intent is said by all.
(Suggested form: "We call upon the Mirror Mask to experience the illusions we create of ourselves to ourselves and others.")

2. Consecration of the INV for the assumption of the džmon-form. The INV stands in the middle of a circle made of the assembled participants.
INV: "You really want the Mirrored Mask to appear?"
All: "Become the Mirrored Mask!"

3. Confirmation of Play.
One by one, the INV approaches each participant. The participant raises hir hands to shoulder level, palms facing out.
INV: "Is it your will to be shown what you may be to others and what you may not know about yourself?"
Participant: "It is my will."

The INV slaps their hands (as in patty-cake) and the participant makes the gesture of LUBULODD with the hands in front of their face, hiding their features. They remain in this posture until all assume it and the INV enters the tent, zipping it closed.

3. A resinous incense is put upon charcoals so that a thick smoke fills the working area, and the INV starts the strobe or lights the candle within the tent.

4. A. The Circumnambulation.
All participants begin a skipping circumnambulation of the tent while whispering to themselves what they think are their respective strong (good) and weak (bad) points and roles they see themselves cast in. Examples might be "Honesty. . . Insecurity. . . Dutiful Son and Magnificent Lover, etc." When each participant reaches the front of the tent (where the door is) she stops, give the gesture of LUBULODD and calls, "Come, LUBULODD, Come!"

B. The Invocation of LUBULODD.
The INV begins the Invocation of LUBULODD while staring into his or her own eyes in a small mirror. The following may be repeated any number of times, culminating in the final statement:
"I call upon the Mirrored Mask
Come, LUBULODD, come!
Liar and flatterer
Shrewd Judge of character and Slanderer
You are the Informer of the Veil and the Ego.
I call upon the Mirrored Mask
Come, LUBULODD, come!"
(when shift occurs) "I. . . AM. . . LUBULODD!"

5. The Appearance of LUBULODD.
SHe emerges from the tent and proceeds to deliver to each participant a script, a list of roles (usually two is sufficient), or adjectives. The džmon may write simple adjectives, like "handsome/vain" and "sarcastic/honest" or may opt for more ambitious observations. These are delivered to each participant whose hands lay palms up, in the mudra of LUBULODD, and whose faces are downturned.

6. The Mirror Shatters.
After all have been handed their scripts,
INV: "These are keys. Unlock the powers of self-observation with them. But remember that all these are as accessories to the Self. Arbitrary. Temporary. Often Unnecessary. Master the use of them and learn to enjoy your Selves!"
The INV bellows "THE END!" and disconnects hir consciousness with that of the džmon. All participants may aid the INV in this step.

7. The Final Statement.
All: "I am capable of showing the "me" I want others to meet. I am a magician / sorcerer / chameleon / etc., my roles are not limited to what I think I am.

7. Later.
Each participant performs these roles (the adjectives of character) in a ritual environment within one week after the game is played for best results. At the completion, an illumination into the meaning being the result, she burns the note written by LUBULODD. An external key is no longer needed as the sorcerer may now open this aspect fully, with conscious intent, or discard it, by their own discretion.

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