The object of this ritual is to awaken the Venusian principle of love and attraction within oneself and to increase self love, without which one either cannot attract what one wants, or attracts that which reinforces the lack of self-love...hence the principle is by increasing self-love one makes oneself more ''attractive'' to that which one desires. Thus, the mirror.

Materials needed:


The mantra and sigil created beforehand should have to do with self-love. attraction. etc ( ''It is my will to increase my attraction" "I love myself'' etc). Write down the mantra, make the sigil. and use thc china marker to transfer the sigil onto the hand mirror. Position the sigil so that it is right over one's third eye as one gazes into the mirror. (right between the eyes.)

The Rite:

0. Venus incense is lit; if desired soft music to set the mood and aid in gnosis is put on. Room is lit with green candles.

1. Open: Gnostic Thunderbolt or Vortex

2. Statement of intent: It is our will to awaken the Venusian power of attraction and love within ourselves.

3. Participants take up their sigillized mirrors and stare into them. The sigil should be right over the third eye, and everyone should be staring straight into hir own eyes.

4. Start chanting the mantras. Keep staring right into the mirrors... with a loving gaze that shows hishi really loves what is there... think Narcissus or a cat.

5. When green gnosis is reached...MO says:

"Venus is within us now. Venus is within us always."

6. Banish by You Know What.

Participants may wish to keep the sigillized mirror as a talisman, though it is not necessary to do so.

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