The intent of this ritual is to expand upon and improve a financial situation via making an elixir. This is not so much to build a new financial situation as it is to improve one (i.e. to add numbers to your checkbook, or to make a bad financial situation grow into a garden of wealth and gain for yourself.


An elixir base having a 'kick' to it, such as alcohol, a Jupiter incense, blue or green candles for lighting, or a cloth of these colors placed over a lightbulb, a container to hold your elixir, a sheet of white paper, and a sigil and mantra made from the statement of intent.

The Rite:

0. Statement of Intent: It is my will for my financial situation to improve.

1. Draw the sigil repeatedly on the white paper in various colors, while visualizing yourself in an improved financial situation. This can be done with visualizations of a big bank account, a new car, promotion at one's current employment, etc.

2. When the paper is covered with sigils, it is folded into a funnel and set in the mouth of the container. Pour the elixir through the funnel while chanting:


3. When Gnosis is achieved through the chanting, begin chanting:


4. Cap the container and draw the sigil of Jupiter on the cap.

5. Banish; drink the elixir when you feel it is appropriate.

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