A Ritual for Luck and Opportunities in a New Town


This ritual was generated to provide "luck" in starting over in a new place.


A mantrical sigil was created of the intent:"ARISE OPPORTUNITIES

FOR DWELLING AND EMPLOYMENT IN SLO*", by knocking out all repeated letters entirely, leaving "U F D W Y M G" from which a mantra was created. The result was FUAD-O'GWYM, to be used as a mantra or word of power in the ritual, subsequent visits to SLO, and whenever desired.

The Rite:

0. Consecrate the Circle to Chaos.

1. Make list of fears and reservations about moving to a new place. Do not be specific about the place.

2. Designate (opposite) areas within the working space as "HOME" with a dark colored candle and "NEW HOME (or name of area you are moving to)" with a light colored candle.

3. Place a shoebox in the "Home" area and light the dark colored candle. Place talismans within the shoebox. These talismans can be mundane objects like a wristwatch or magical implements or jewelry. Preferably something that can be worn.

4. With the cry "We evict you!" the reservations are burned in a fire. Alternatively, a cry of "Out, demons, out!" will work just as well.

5. The cry is followed immediately with the word(s) of power which can be used as a mantra, or spoken just once in unison. This is decided before the rite is begun.

6. Move the shoebox to the "NEW HOME" area and light the light colored candle behind it. Blow out the dark colored candle, and retrieve the article(s) from the box.

7. Divination for opportunities in employment, location to look for housing, etc. in the new place, and follow with a laughter banishing.

* SLO = San Luis Obispo. We were all giving thought to moving to California's Central Coast.

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