A New Home Cleansing Rite


I recently moved from a shared Victorian in San Francisco's Mission District to a studio apartment in the downtown area. As usual, when I move, I experienced a sort of "alienness" in my new place which was accompanied by an awareness of left over energy from others who were there before me. While this is not unusual, I wanted to banish these influences and quickly establish supremacy in my new home.

To begin, I performed the opening most familiar to me (the Vortex opening) and established my first working. What happened next was partly extemporaneous and is outlined below. The upshot of all this is that during the rite I found myself "taking possession" of the location and asserting my dominance. During the days that followed my sense of presence grew in strength and I have since become totally comfortable with my new surroundings.

Items needed:

- Incense Burner & Incense
- Dagger
- Candle
- Chalice
- Crystal Growing Kit
[obtainable from Toys R Us or write to "The Kristal Corporation", 748 Spice Island Dr., Sparks, NV, 89431, (702) 359-0441]

The Rite:

1. Statement of Intent: It is my will to banish all old energy within this place and establish it as mine.

2. Picking up the censor, walk to all corners of the location stating your intent, in a continual ritualistic fashion, to make the atmosphere yours and to chase all old demons not of your own creation out.

3. With your dagger, dance the dance of Mars, slashing and cutting and fighting your way through all parts of the location to show your willingness to fight and to terrify old entities with your ferocity.

4. With your chalice filled with water, circulate throughout the location, ritualistically claiming the psychic, astral, subconscious, dream time as yours. Particularly focus in the bathroom area or any area where water is to be readily found.

5. With a lit candle in each palm (color - your choice!), go to all corners of the location and proclaim that you bring both the light of the sun and of the moon into this space, that these are but two of the many lights you bring.

6. Prepare a bowl with the crystal growing kit on a table.

7. Invite all resident entities to partake of the "food" you have prepared.

8. Create and charge a sigil to the effect of:

"It is my will to trap all old energy here in these crystals.

9. After charging the sigil, burn it.

10. Banish with laughter.


a) The kind of crystals you create are water soluble. Be sure to take them far away from where you live and dispose without letting them get wet.

b) In the middle of the rite it occurred to me to prepare a feast around the "crystal soup" so as to better lure the beasties, but since this was a new place I had little food in the house. Instead, I played Pied Piper and played a flute to lure the demons out of the dark corners. Anyone who has heard my playing would suggest that I probably actually terrified the demons away with music more akin to fingernails on a chalk board!

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