Multifaceted Self Sutra

Self Centered/Altruistic - Self Perpetuating/Self Destructive

Observe these meta-programs and the stryation of our "selves" into various compartments. At this time feel free to co-mingle with these different aspects of your "personality". From this dimension of plasticity you are enabled to dispassionately observe different components of the multifaceted aspects of "self". The full dimensions of self may well be unknowable in their totality.


Re-integration: Focusing on one aspect of self at a time, use AOS Death Posture to achieve gnosis. From these diverse aspects of "self", intuitively glean letters of desire corresponding to each these various aspects of our selves. Try to imagine simple runic/geometric symbols(or sigilized letters) which will be easy to visualize later. Upon "recieving" each letter, write it down and begin with another. Each glyph represents a subliminal key to unlock hidden aspects of self. These same "hidden" aspects represent unlocked potential within ourselves. By using these "keys" to bring these different aspects of our psyche to the "surface", we may utilize these components to release previously inaccesable energies, and/or gain new insights into the vast dimensions of self.

Banish with Laughter

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