Creation of a Re-usable "Memory-Bank" Servitor


The creation of an ¾thyric servitor with a fetish for its physical base, which will function as a recorder of information. The servitor's fetish must be present to "record" any information the chaosorcerer desires to obtain, and a sigil is used to focus the scope of the recording and store the resultant information.


The following working is constructed for the creation and linking of a recording servitor to the operator's mind. By the use of a fetish, information in the form of pictures, sound, smell, taste and feeling or touch may be recorded. The MUNIN servitor is not able to discern what is useful or worthless information, and the fetish acts solely as a recording device having no storage capacity in itself.

The sigil created for use with the fetish has a dual function; it acts as a focus and filter for recording and stores the information for later retrieval. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the scope of the servitor's recording to one or two senses at a time via the sigil. In practice, if the operator creates a sigil too vague or broad in scope, i.e. with too much media to record, the servitor will mutate, mix-up, and/or otherwise destroy the information stored onto the ensigilized media rather than simply stop recording at some point. The recording process terminates when the fetish is no longer in direct contact with the sigil.

The servitor and its fetish should be destroyed if experiments with it fail. The disintegration of the servitor is complete when a period of mourning is conjoined with a disconnection ceremony in which the fetish is utterly destroyed.


- An incense created or purchased solely for use with the servitor. (suggested ingredients include Dittany, Lavender, Ginko, Eyebright, Gotu Kola and Benzoin.)

- A name for the servitor.

- A fetish. This may be pre-existing or created by the operator.

- A sigil created prior to activation of the servitor containing the range of the recording in simple and direct terms and employed during recording and retrieval.

1. The Birthing Process

a. In a stilled position, reach no-mind for a period of at least 10 minutes. This will enable a clear imprint of the following.

b. Ignite the servitor's incense to create a unique "home" environment and place the fetish before you in a prominent position.

c. Begin birth process via masturbation. Imagine the servitor's ¾thyric shape taking form in your mind, slowly. The servitor may assume any form, and need not resemble the fetish in any respect.

d. Hold climax off until every nuance of the servitor's form is complete and continue visualization until the ¾thyric shape is "sucked into" the fetish base. At orgasm, the servitor's name is screamed.

e. Immediately following orgasm, take the fetish in hand and anoint its entire surface with sexual fluids while chanting the activation mantra:

(Data Recorder / Transferor alive!)

Continue until post-orgasmic bliss subsides.

f. Address the servitor/fetish with the following:

_____(name)_____, you are safe.
I am your master, you are my servitor.
_____(name)_____, I have created you
to record and transfer information, correctly.
You will see, hear, smell, feel, and taste
what I ask you to, and record it for me
so that it may be retrieved instantly.
You will follow precisely my ensigilized commands!"

2. Examples of Use

a. Local:

Operator A is attending a lecture given by Professor Smith at her University. She's tired, having stayed up all night RPG'ing, and nervous, concerned that she may not be able to remember all the information the Professor is about to deliver. Her MUNIN fetish, for the servitor she calls "Harvey," is set on the desk before her. While chanting the activation mantra a phrase is chosen and a sigil is developed. The final simplification is drawn and placed beneath the fetish. Harvey begins recording immediately.

"All words spoken by Prof. Smith"


b. Remote:

Operator B is about to go on a weekend camping trip with his buddies. His girlfriend is not going. He goes to her house on the night before he's leaving and places his MUNIN fetish, for the servitor "Xiotlach," in her bedroom. Operator B is the suspicious type, so Xiotlach is placed in a location where it may view all interactions in the room, especially on the bed. The operator activates the recording process as in the previous example:

"All interaction in this room"


3. Retrieval:

The retrieval process is the same for both local and remote uses. It requires a hypnagogic state to remember or process the newly implanted information hidden deep within the operator's mind. This state may be facilitated by the use of a strobe and /or metronome-like clicker at alpha frequency. An audio tape with "retrieval" sounds and verbal cues is being produced for distribution with this rite.

a. The servitor's "home" incense is ignited and the fetish is placed before the chaosorcerer.

b. The operator attains a "no-mind" state with eyes closed.

c. After a suitable period in which the mind is clear the operator takes the recorded sigil in hand and gazes at it, and it is at this point that the information is instantly retrieved.

d. The sigil is destroyed by whatever desirable means; only then can the information be processed or "learned" by the operator.

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