The Nail Fetish is a type of servitor used in some areas of Africa. It is composed of a Fetish Figure, the Fetish itself, and nails. The Fetish Figure is generally carved from wood, but this rite utilizes wax instead. The actual Fetlsh is a pouch containing ingredients -- such as those listed below -- empowered for a specific purpose. The Fetish bag is hung around the neck of the Figure or placed in a hole in its body. Once the owner has created the Fetish, s/he drives a nail into the Figure each time its power is used. When there is no more room for nails, the power of the Fetish is gone and it is time for all materials to be destroyed. The Fetish created by means of this ritual is for the purpose of protection and defense.

The items needed for the creation of a Nail Fetish are: easily malleable wax - beeswax is suggested; a small closeable pouch or bag; myrrh incense; one package of medium sized nails per person; Fetish materials -- whatever strikes you as important to the purpose of protection (African regulars include such pleasantries as ground bone, teeth, jaws, leaves, hair, blood, spit, bile, and herbs); and if desired, small bells hung by string may also be used (these increase the power of the Fetish). A name for the Fetish may be determined beforehand or the participant may allow the name to come to them spontaneously during the rite.

The Rite:

0. Statement of Intent:

"I will to create a Nail Fetish to protect, defend, and avenge me in all matters."

1. The incense is lit and all participants take a few moments breathing deeply.

2. The Figures are moulded while all participants name their figure as a wax servant by slowly chanting:


(The Figurines can be moulded in any shape desired. Unless the participant plans to hang the bag from the figure's neck (with yarn, for instance), it is necessary to create in the stomach an orifice large enough for the Fetish to fit into.)

3. When all the Figurines have been shaped, they are placed aside. Participants mix together their choice of ingredients in their pouch while naming their Fetish as protector, defender, and avenger by chanting the word:


4. Placing the pouch in tha orifice of the figure (or around the neck), participants state:


5. If desired, participants may now hang bells from their figure.

6. The fetishes must now be brought to life. Participants need to give them the "breath of life" by placing their lips tight against the orifice containing the pouch (or against the stomach) and blowing air roughly out into it, emptying the lungs completely. Let the word "ANSH" come out upon the breath, thus empowering it with life.

7. A nail is driven into the figure, piercing through the Fetish pouch and into the orifice. With this piercing is uttered the words: MAAK UA, _______ (Fetish's name), thereby commanding the Fetish to protect its owner.

8. Banish with Laughter.

Henceforth, the owner will drive another nail into the Fetish each time a situation arises for which s/he desires protection, defense or to be avenged for some wrong doing. As the nail is driven into the Fetish, the owner should inform the Fetish of the particulars of its duty. The nails don't hurt the fetish, they release its power, so don't start feeling sorry for your servant (though a sadistic rush is aLways allowed). When there is no more space anywhere on the Fetish Figure for another nail, then it is time for the Figure and its Fetish to be destroyed. The nails should go with the figure into oblivion -- to purposefully remove them is to negate the acticns they achieved. A participant may choose to draw a sigil on the head of their nail as an added force.

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