The Elements of Natural Magic, Marian Green, 1989
Element Books Limited, 1989
Marian Green has studied Natural Magic since she grew up in the country, and has been the Editor of Quest quarterly magazine since 1970.  Marian also runs several correspondence courses on Ceremonial and Natural Magic, holds workshops, and gives talks and practical training to small groups throughout Britain and Europe.

I found this an interesting book, easy to read, with good descriptions of the "how to's" of doing natural magic: candle magic, casting circles, meditations, etc.  She does open each chapter with a quote by Aleister Crowley, so I would guess was influenced by his teachings.  She constantly reminds us of the importance of the ties we have with Mother Earth, and how we can be in tune with her and the elements.

The only thing I did not necessarily agree with, was in discussing offerings, she writes: "If you ever encounter any magical group which says sacrifice of anything living is needed, back away fast and tell the authorities."  I agree that caution should be used, however, remember that in some religions, i.e. Voodoo, Santeria, animal sacrifice is an integral part of the religous observances. It is not for everyone, for sure, however in dealing with all religions with an open mind, we must accept that these are valid ritual practices and must be treated with respect.

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