A Chaotic Rite for Beltane


This rite begins with a simple four-corner consecration called "The Gaia Evocation" to place the participants in an elemental/mythic frame of mind. A Maypole is erected in the center of the space, and during the course of the rite all participants will wrap-wind long strips of paper whereon are written as many of their desires, from the mundane to secret, in various colors corresponding to the nature of the desire itself. (These may include ensigilized desires.) The Maypole will then be lit afire, while the participants "step into" their desires and make them real.

Materials Needed:

- Salt.
- A pole of dry wood, no shorter than 6 feet in length.
- Long paper strips of the same length, minimum of 6' long and 1" wide.
- Colored pens.
- Torches; and/or flashlights.
- A rubber band, to attach the strips to the pole.

The Ritual:

0. Statement of Intent:

We Gather On This Night
To Herald The Coming Fertility
With This Rite:
Our Desires Become Our Flesh
And This Is Reflected
In The Mirror Of The World

1. The Gaia Evocation:

All participants stand facing South with arms outstretched at their sides and cry out:

"We Summon Here The Powers Of Gaia
To Support And Strengthen Our Working!"

Before each quarter, each participant throws out a pinch of salt in the direction they are facing. After each summoning breathe deeply and receive acceptance of the summoning from each element before moving to the right.

a. Facing South, hold your right arm up at a 45 degree angle with clenched fist. Say:

"Fire Side! Lightning Of Earth,
Passion Of Lusts And Self-Purification,
Protectors, I Summon You."

b. Facing West, hold your hands at belly-level, palms up as if holding a large bowl. Say:

"Water Side! Blood Of The Earth,
Your Rivers Like Dreams Sustain And Make Fruitful,
Your Ocean Tides Myself Informs,
Initiators, I Summon You."

c. Facing North, hold both arms up above your head with the palms touching, fingers straight up. Say:

"Ice Side! Vein And Flesh Of The Earth,
Where The Sun Will Not Shine But Rests At Midnight,
Practical Wisdom And Stillness,
Connectors, I Summon You."

d. Facing East, with both arms forward and un-bent, index fingers touching. Say:

"Air Side! Breath Of The Earth.
Winds Of Hot And Cold Blown Through Valleys
Of Your Flesh Like A Great Lung, Inspirations And Random Thought,
Illuminators, I Summon You."

2. The maypole is erected in the center of the circle and each participant attaches hir strip of paper beneath the rubber band at its top and extends it out so that they face the pole, all around its circumference. Turning to the right, walk slowly about the pole with this chant:

"Wind This Thread - Of Desire - Maypole Wound - To Inspire"

The arms holding the other end of the strips should be slowly lowered during the circumnambulation, so that the strips wind down.

3. The torches are picked up and one is lit. Turning to the right (again) each participant's torch is lit (or the flashlight is switched on and pointed upwards). Participants face the Maypole and project an image of themselves in situations co rresponding to the fulfillment of their desires before them.

4. When this image is strong and steadfast, each participant steps forward into the image to "mesh" with it, then lights / shines upon the Maypole. All participants shout "This Is Our Will!"

5. Dance wildly about the burning Maypole, shouting & laughing!

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