This rite was produced as a consensual project by members of Temple Anakai. The dream key is a configuration of three items: a white candle, Neptunian Dream Incense and a servitor, to create a base for a nightly rite to increase dream learning and awareness. Below is the rite for creating the dream key and attached is an addendum of different ways the group has implemented its use with commentary on our experiences, successes and failures.

The dream key seems to take time to reach full potency. Patience is a part of the key.

Materials needed:

- White candle wax (to be melted in the rite and to seal the Servator)
- A pot to melt the wax in
- An oven

Servitor creation items:

- Assorted colors of oven-hardening clay (i.e. Fimo or Sculpy)
- A transparent container
- Ocean water (or in a pinch, river water)
- Sand or gravel from the ocean (or river)
- A pen suitable for writing on glass/plastic
- A rubber band
- Fabric to cover the opening of the container
- Neptunian Dream Incense
(formula created by Mystery Meat working group:)
3/4 tsp dark Poppy seeds (ground)
1.5 tsp
1 tsp Sandalwood
1/2 tsp Benzoin
1/2 tsp Jasmine Oil
1/4 tsp Musk Extra strength Oil
1/2 tsp Ambergris Oil
several Dehydrated shrimp

Note: Soak the dehydrated shrimp in the oils for an hour or so before mixing into incense base. Let incense "mature" for at least 24 hours before using.

The Rite:

-1. Create the Neptunian Dream Incense at least 1 day in advance.

0. Prior to start of rite, pre-heat oven per instructions on sculpy/fimo wrapping.

1. Statement of Intent:

"It is our will to create servitors for dream time to take us where we want to go!"

2. Sigilization and Naming of Servitor: Using your statement of intent, create the sigil and name (mantra) of your Servitor.

3. Visualization of the Servitor: Once the above has been completed, charge your sigil in any way you desire. After charging, chant the name of your Servitor over and over with your eyes closed until a vision of its material image is revealed to you.

4. Manifestation of the Servitor: Using skulpy or femo, create your Servitor using as various colors as you desire. Be sure that it will be no larger than the opening of its soon to be home.

5. Gestation of the Servitor: Once all have completed their Servitor and have placed them on a surface suitable for cooking, the MO takes the Servitors and puts them in the furnace. While the Servitors gestate, participants should recline, close their eyes and softly chant the names of their Servitors until the Servitors are born (and cooled).

6. Inhabitation of the Servitor: Place sand and ocean water into the Servitors new home. Add a bit of the incense. Place the Servitor in the container and cover opening with cloth, bind with a rubber band. Put the sigil and name of the Servitor on the outside of the container. (While inhabitation is occurring, the MO should be melting sealing wax.) Seal the top well with sealing wax.

7. Burn paper used to create sigil and name.

8. Banish with Laughter

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