Mystic Planet-"new age directory of planet earth"

DEI New Age Web Works

Spirit Network


Church of the Third Millennium

Blue Star's Spiritual Counselors of the Third Millennium"


Earth Star Publications

Spiritual Advance Networking Page

World Transformation

Ancient Wisdom Home Page

Star Sage Hot Spot-Circe Speaks

Project Nature Connect

The Inner Voice Magazine

Many Paths

Shining Light

Shabbathia Shining Light

Enlightening Times

Stepping Stones

Self Awareness

Global Visions

Mappa del Laboratorio

Lady Kali's Quiet Spot

World Light Center

Beyond The Rainbow

Esoteric Source Providers

Spiritual Advance-"assists in healing processes"

A Look Within- Inspirations of Love-"books, books and more books"

The Ascension Network-"spiritual information resources for the new age"

Crystal Creations of Australia-"wonderful information on crystals and stones"

Zangmo- Blue Thundercloud-"essays,poems,advocacy and more"

Global Gathering 2000-"celebration of peace,light and unity"

Spirit Talk-"information and entertainment for mind/body/spirit"

Point Of Light Magazine-"great magazine for metaphysical and spiritual readers"

Arrownet-"bookstore and more"

Mystical Grits-"art,jewelry and amulets"

Astrology and New Age Source-"online exploration"

Lightshift 2000-"synchronized universal meditations"

Sun Angel-"gifts for the mind and soul"

A Magical Merfolk and Faekith Vale-"magical,wonderful forest and vale"

The Wind Dancer's Lodge-"native american beauty"

BMHC:Healing Through the Practice of Self-Acceptance

Inspiration is the In- Breath of Spirit-"spiritual counseling"

Illumination Unlimited-"workshops and training"

Grandma's Library-"downhome drugstore"

White Dove's Message-"international magazine"

Circle of Divine Love-"spirit/goddess/god presence"

Dynamic Touch-"personal wellness center"

The Fifth Element-"representation of the all knowing"

Metaphysical Mosaic-"essential oils and other supplies"

Reiki North of 60-"venture into reiki canadian style"

Patrick's Spiritual Healing-"multidimensional healings"

Alternative for Healing-"reiki natural healing"

Cascadia Wellness Alternatives-"center for sacred healing and global renewal"

The Center for World Networking

World Institute of Technologies for Healing

Alia Sheran Direct Psychic-"readings, past lives and more"

Alternative Sight-"psychospiritual transformational counselor"

Welcome to Aesthetics bySondra-"working with healing energy systems"

Christopher Howe's Healing Hands-"marvelous faith healer"

Heather Willow Wilder-"healer and energy worker"

Universal Consciousness Connection-"spiritual development resources"

Natasha's Cafe-"at last, buddhisim with humor"

H-Y-P-H-E-N-A-T-E-"the one world flag"

Avatar-"courses in english and german"

New Age On-Line Australia-"wonderful site for everything new age"

Manifest Reality-"interesting array of channels; mind/spirit heart/soul topics"

Lora's Web of Light-"stories, poetry, humor and spirit"

Barbara Wolf's Menu for Life

Children of Light-"events and journeys to sacred sites"

Lightsong-"spectacular metaphysical universe"

Center Eleven-"a study for research on bio-energy"

Horizons Magazine

Mathematics of the Ancient Mysteries-"new insights on ancient paradigms"

Surfi-Path of Self-Realization

Esoteric World News

Blue Star Speaks-Channeled Teachings

Blue Star's Web Ring

Blue Star's Humanitarian Award of Honor

Church of the Third Millennium

White Apache

White Apache's Spiritual Links

New Mexico Institute of Metaphysical Alternatives (NMIMA)

Spectrum From The Round Table

Daughters Of The Western Star 

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