The purpose of this working is an attempt to transmit a physical/ tactile sensation over the Internet. One individual will serve as a focal point for a group of participants, acting as a capacitator to store and then discharge a surplus of energy. A give-and-take is, of course, quite implicitly implied here, and for this reason it is of some importance that participants to do not "hold back" out of fear. The pain-causing actions chosen herein are meant to cause intense sensation without permanent disfigurement. The more smoothly the transaction of energy can be allowed to occur, the more likely that any results may be guaged by the participants.

Participants should also have in their possession a common linking object, which is the same as the tool used by the "capacitator" to perform the body modification on hirself. In this particular instance of this working, the "capacitator" will be using a knife to make a 1/8" deep cut into hir arm as the initial stage of scarification. The cut will be colored with ashes, and participants should also have some of these.


- Toothbrush
- Baking Soda
- Dental Floss
- Salt & Water
- Rubber Bands
- Knife
- Hot Peppers (Atomic Warhead Strength)
- Computer Internet Access

The rubber bands mentioned above should be of the wider type, and about the participants' wrists before the working proper begins.

Working 1:

00. An opening/banishing is performed. In this instance, the opening will consist of a ritual purification of the working area by the "capacitator", via the sprinkling of salt water prepared using the knife as a stirrer.

0. Participants abandon their keyboards for a few minutes to very harshly brush their teeth, in such a manner that the gums bleed a little. Each should take no more than 5 minutes to do this, and acknowledge their return to their terminal.

In our working, the "capacitator" will undertake the role of shepherd; as he is the only one not leaving his terminal to achieve "hygienosis", it's fitting that he keep track of when everyone has come back.

1. The "capacitator" mentioned above cries out "HUT!" (start). Participants put the salt in their mouths and hold it there for as long as they can bear it (i.e., until the sensation reaches as plateau and no longer becomes more intense).

2. During this time, the "capacitator" is chanting (as one would a mantra) or screaming:

(I invoke pain into myself)

3. When the pain has become overwhelming (i.e., gnosis is achieved), partipants will shout out:

(We evoke our pain)

Note that because individual pain threshholds vary greatly, it would be very difficult for a group of people who can't actually see one another to synchronize their arrivals at gnosis via this method.

4. Without pause, hair should now be forcefully removed from some sensitive part of the body. Suggested means include the use of an Epilady-type device, wax, or simply pulling a few hairs out.

5. Repeat 2 & 3.

6. A small amount of a very powerful pepper or hot sauce should now be ingested. If desired, the participants can do this repeatedly, as this can heighten the effect of the pepper into successive increases in sensation. Certain very hot chili peppers will do, and an excellent pepper sauce is available from for no charge if you send him your address in e-mail (he's OK, he won't stalk you or give out your address unless you want him to).

7. Repeat 2 & 3.

8. A sharp object (a knife, pine, syringe, etc.) should now be used to break the skin in some senstive place (NOTE: please strive for maximum sterility in doing this).

9. Repeat 2 & 3.

10. Participants regroup, and those who feel that they have achieved as much pain as they can tolerate should bail out now. The remaining participants begin snapping their rubber bands and chanting "OHM".

11. The "capacitator" now performs the body modification on hirself.

Participants are intentionally sending the effects of their gnosis to the "capacitator", who discharges the energy back to the participants with this action.

Capacitator (at the moment of making the cut):

(I evoke pain)



12. Participants fully experience the pain. Move into next room (assuming MUD). Banish physical space as desired. Discuss, banter, explain, etc.


Participants should beaware of any increase in painful sensation when the body modification is performed by the "capacitator."

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