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I am writing this to try and explain how I see Magick. This is mostly empirical truths I have found inside of me. I offer no other proof form them and do not consider them to be the truth for others. Unlike the religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam which my beliefs are related, I do not offer a book to be the true word of God as I see the true book of God to be inscribed upon the soul for each individual to read and use as he sees fit. God being the neuter entity which created the world, maintains it, and shall destroy it if need be from which all things are born and are still a part of. God is infinite and unknowable. Any attempt to come up with the "true" word of God is and attempt to define the undefinable and to fail in fault and error. This is merely the parts which I have defined for myself and which work for me. Use them or disregard them at your pleasure.

Magick is that which happens. All things are magick every action is a magickal action. The rules which govern the universe are part of magick. However, then the reference to the actions given by the occultist are lost in meaning. So Magick shall be referred to as the acts of will expressed by the magician. Further more to distinguish between the normal acts of a will, such as eating, breathing, walking etc., magick will in the context of this paper refer to the practices and rituals used consciously with the aid of the occult to use ones will to shape reality. In short, don't get too technical and word splitting on my ass when reading this; I'm trying to describe a ever changing lifetime of beliefs in a few pages that arenีt going to give justice to even my brief experiences.

Magick is divided into different parts. It is first divided into two worlds, the material world and the spiritual world. Each of these worlds is dived into two aspects. The Material world is divided into the aspects of the Physical and the Mental. The Spiritual world is divided into the aspects of Spirituality Gained from Within and Spirituality Gained from Without. These four aspects make up Magick and are like four pillars which hold up everything. If one is weak and the others are strong, the whole structure is weakened and threatens to fall from imbalance.

The first of the aspects is the Physical. This is existence in the raw form and physical prowess in the higher state. The most important part of this aspect to a magician is his physical state. The state of his physical body has relevance to the rest of himself and his magical ability. The body is a physical form and exists and functions with a desired result. The farther from this result that a person exists from the more of a drain it will be upon the other aspects. A magician in good physical shape shall find it easier to do magick and gain results. As all four parts are joined together, if one is not up to par then the others will have to make up for it in some degree. This corresponds to the first world of Assiah.

The second of the aspects is the Mental. This is the magician's intellect, reasoning, and common sense. The ability to think clearly and with purpose is unifies a direction for the will and gives it a way to communicate. This aspect relates to the cabalistic world of Yetzirah. This relates to the magick of Enchantment.

The Third of the aspects is Spirituality from Within. This is the poser drawn from ones own spirit or soul. Each person has power within them and must be able to draw upon that power as part of their magick. This corresponds to the Qabbalistic world of Briah. It relates to the magick of Evocation.

The Forth of the aspects is Spirituality from Without. As one has there own power within them there is power outside ones spiritual self to which they are connected. This could be looked upon as a God, Goddess, pantheon, spirits, Baphomet, etc. The ability to reach out and draw in this spiritual energy is vital for magicks and lessons the need to draw upon ones own spiritual power. This relates to the Qabbalistic world of Atziluth. It relates to the magick of Invocation.

These four aspects are joined by the Will. The Will is the combination of these four aspects and can be seen as what binds them together or what they become when they merge. Spirituality outside ones self creates the Will, the spirituality within oneself gives it individuality, the Mental aspect decides what the Will desires, and the Physical aspect gives means to complete the Will.

There are also tools. Although all magick is based upon the Will and the Will performs all magick, certain things make it easier for the Will to perform, just as a lever makes it easier to move heavy objects with ones strength. Some tools work better some than others; each individual may choose or prefer different tools as fits them and there needs. The following are just a few examples of the tools of magick.

Tradition. This is the idea that the methods used are tried and true. The idea that they have been used by many others and for great ages is often an aid in putting ones faith behind whatever beliefs and actions they hold. It adds confidence and reassurance to the magician. This is why many magical societies and religions seek to make themselves as old as possible. The original beliefs are of course always based upon older beliefs and secrets passed down from the ages. The Masons are of course descended from the Knights Templar and therefore from the Egyptians, and Wicca is descended from beliefs of ancient druids. Whether these claims are true or not or if the secrets have been passed down uncorrupted is pretty much immaterial as it is mostly the belief in them which acts as the aid.

Ritual. Repeated acts often build themselves to usefulness. "Fake it till you make it."

Religion. This can be a great aid in the spiritual realm, especially to drawing power from outside ones self. A dogmatic belief or loose paradigm or anything in between gives the magician something to believe in and put his faith behind. It can be an old religion which is closely tied to tradition or a unique religion based upon the beliefs of the only person who practices it. Neither is necessarily more useful than the other, each person must use whatever helps them the most or causes the least conflict within their Will.

Objects of relation. Objects of people whom are to be affected by a spell, icons related to the effects of a spell or even sigils and mantras derived for the spell itself are all aids to help relate the transpiring magick to the desired effect by the Will. Thus it is easier for the Will to gain the desired results when it has a bridge to focus it's attention on during the making of the magick.

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