The Manifesto of the Ouranos Collective

A Working Group of the AutonomatriX
in collaboration with Thelema Lodge OTO

AX Contact Point: Joseph Max
OTO Contact Point: Cynthia Osborn

:: Statement Of Intent ::

It is our will to explore the magical universe both inner and outer, to experiment with a wide variety of magical systems and techniques, and to expand our magical consciousness and abilities as individuals and as a Collective.

:: Statement of Vision ::

The Ouranos Collective is a ritual magic performance group modeled after the literary salon. We come together to share our works, to compare and contrast our personal expressions of magical art and, according to the unique talents and expertise, to teach and to learn from each other.

The Collective is a group of active experimenters. To this end, original works of ritual magic that can be performed by the active participants in a group setting are the most desireable. Workings of established traditions may also be performed, but not as dogma.

There are no actual or even nominal leaders. The Contact Points are those who are most interested and willing to be the meeting organizers. Attendence to every meeting is not required to participate, though regular attendence is strongly encouraged.

:: Statement of Mission ::

Leadership of the ritual work is rotated among the participants, according to their desire and ability. There are no "followers", as all are expected to lead in their turn.

The Contact Points will establish a regular schedule of meetings no less than twice each calander month, and to make this known to regualr and potential participants by post, e-mail, and word-of-mouth. The Contact Points may also gather and report whatever knowledge and techniques dervied from the work of the Colective for their respective organizations, to do with as they will.

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, all meetings will be held at the Horus Temple of Thelema Lodge - OTO.

The Collective is an advanced study group. Previous experience with ceremonial magic is highly desireable in participants, though a talented novice may be able to keep up with and make a useful contribution to the Colective's work.

Diversity is strongly encouraged. Different systems and traditions of previous magical experience are welcome, but all participants must be willing and able to adapt to a wide variety of working styles, subject to the limitations below.

:: Statement of Limitations ::

Leadership of the proceedings rotates to a different member every meeting. Assignment of leadership shall be determined by concensus. If at all possible, participants shall have decided on a leader and the work to be done at the previous meeting.

The leader of a given meeting is responsible for preparing what ritual work is to be done, including whatever materials will be needed and informing the others in advance. Generally this will also be done at the previous meeting -- handouts of texts, requests for supplies, etc.

Participants in the Collective shall treat each other during meetings with respect and courtesy, as equals and peers. Personal conflicts will NOT be allowed to intrude upon the business of the meetings, and shall be settled outside of meeting time and space.

Anyone who attending who does not wish to participate in a particular ritual FOR ANY REASON has simply to say so and excuse themselves from the templespace before the ritual begins -- they cannot be ASKED FOR, not can they OFFER, any explanation whatsoever. This is to prevent personal prejudice from being a factor in either the presentation of, or the participation in, any given ritual. The person excusing themselves may, if they wish, be appointed as "Guardian of the Temple" and stationed outside the templespace to prevent interruptions. Upon completion of the particular ritual, they may immediately rejoin the meeting, if they will.

The Contact Points shall keep a written record of each meeting, with the time, date and work performed, and the mark of each participant. Information pretaining to manifestion of results of the work may be added later as called for.

:: Statement of Affiliation ::

Those who would attend more than two meetings of the Collective shall agree to the Intent, Vision, Mission and Limitations of this Manifesto, and affix the appelation of their choice to a copy of it as their pledge to honor it.


Joseph Max (for the AX)
Cynthia Osborn (for the OTO)

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