A Personal Circle

I have a personal circle I have used for 11 years, I call it is the same way every time; I announce myself in my magickal name followed by a declaration of my cosmic consciousness. Then I call quarters, I will start in the north or east depending how I think it best fits my intent.

These are my personal Quarters Calls:

In the chapel of the forest I breathe for you.
Made tender by the silence, made humble by your presence
Slow awareness, may I be ever thoughtful to
Harvest the fruit before it rots.
May I fix a balance before the winds come and wash over the land.
Send down the mountain kings of the north,
May our circle celebrate their bounty.

Spirits and Angels of the air,
Watcher in the wind,
Master of sound.
I summon you from your throne in the east
Horses of mist decked in fine brocade
Scatter leaves in your transport.
No eye may catch your form but you are evidenced
By every blade of garden grass.

From the core of the planet where rock is born
Issuing from the mother’s blood
Fire, the point of origin.
Father of iron and steel,
Forge me a shield, perfected on the hearth of eternity
Fire of the sun, stolen for man, glory
Gift of heaven
Spirits of the south rise up and awake.

Of you I am made
Comfort of the lonely heart,
You are synonymous with life.
You roam the land, drift in the sky and fall
Creature of water, heart of my heart
Complete my circle, sovereign of the oceanic domain.
Guard the western margins.

Then I will begin recitations of adoration to my godforms and spirits, invocations, or divination, whatever. . .

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