A Blue Magic Rite


The purpose of this rite is to creete and direct a flow of monetary energy. Working with ths conceot that weaith is energy in motion, participants need to identify a source from which they would like to receive money, and a direction in which they would like to send it.

Materials needed:

- Two personal checks
- Blue Sculpy or Fimo modeling compound
- Paper/pens

The Rite:

1. Participants say, "it is our will to participate in the flow of energy." Each proceeds to write a check to itself, in whatever amount desired, signed by who or whatever they wish to receive money from. This can be a person, activity, organization, etc. Then create a sigil out of the statement, "It is my will to receive money from ____." Put this sigil aside. All participants may shout their statements together.

2. Then participants write a second check from themselves to something or someone they want to direct money to. As wealth and pleasure or linked, it is important to know what it is you want money for. Make a sigil out of the statement, "It is my will to direct money into ____." Set this sigil aside. All paricipants may shout their statements together.

3. The checks must now be burned, one participant at a time so that the ashes may be saved. All chant the following until all checks have been burned:

(phenomenize wealth circle)

4. Participants then create a small "coin" out of blue scupy, placing the ashes of the checks inside. The two sigils should be carved on this coin, either one on each side or a composite of both on one side. Coins are baked, then carried in the wallet as a talisman.

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