The purpose of this rite is to "root" yourself into one certain spot, and to grow and bear fruit there.


You will need to make several different sigils and arrange them on a "tree", as described below. You will also need a glassful of some fluid to serve as an elixir base.

The idea is to make one word sigils, then to arrange them on the tree. A tree-figure can be drawn on a sheet of paper, or scratched in the dirt on the ground. The more creative magician may want to make an actual tree out of Popsicle sticks, clay, etc.

The Rite:

0. With your tree in front of you, begin to focus your concentration on it. Meditate on the idea of "tree-ness".

1. After your meditation on the tree, close your eyes and visualize roots coming out of your spine, spreading deeply into the earth.

2. Then begin to visualize branches coming out of your fingertips, eyes, top of the head, etc.

3. Imagine these branches bearing fruit.

4. Gaze at one sigil at a time, look at the sigil and hold it in your mind's eye, then shoot it into the glass of fluid.

5. Drink the fluid.

6. Banish with laughter.

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