Prinn's Lightning

0) Assume your usual meditative state. For those of you who do not regularly meditate, this exercise will be more difficult, but not impossible.

1) Begin by regulating your breathing. Your breathing should be even and natural, and you should pay attention to the feeling of the air sliding in and out of your lungs. Take your time and settle yourself into your position until you feel balanced and relaxed.

2) Now, since you are already focussing on the friction of air passing in and out of your lungs, note also how cool it feels, cool and dry. Feel that coolness and dryness spreading out from your lungs through your veins, slowly permeating your torso. When the coolness reaches your limbs, take note of how they affect your hands and feet. Feel the coolness and dryness permeate your limbs, then your aura. As this coolness reaches your aura, take note of how IT feels when it cools in response to your breath.

3) In this cool, dry aura, seek out and feel the static electricity. Find its center, then will it to grow. The cool dry air passing in and out of your body causes the friction that intensifies this electricity, and you will note the effects of your breath on the level of electricity you sense. Feel the electricity responding to your breath, tingling on your skin, crackling along your veins and arteries like copper cables.

4) At this point, you will notice that your attention on the electricity alerts you to a change in your aura. Note how different it feels, the intensification of your body's electromagnetic field. Note how it pulls at some things in your environment while pushing at others, and make a note of what sort of objects are affected by this field. Continue "winding up" the electric charge in your body as long as you can, as intensely as you can.

5) Having chosen ahead of time an object into which to release this energy, focus now on how that object feels in response to the field of electricity around you. Does it pull or push? As you continue to breathe, make note of what sort of intent makes the object pull upon your field. Breathe a little deeper as you feel the object pulling at you. Feel the pressure building in you, feel that electricity crackling along your veins and arteries, across your skin, through your hair, through your aura, and final EXPLODING INTO THE OBJECT WITH A ROAR AND BRIGHT LIGHT and fragments falling from the object...some small sparks sizzling out on the floor....perhaps a funny smell...

The above exercise is largely an astral experience. However, I recommend practice with a compass at first. With only a small amount of practice, one should be able to affect the motion of the needle. This ability may be developed to affect electonic and/or electical machines, and with practice perhaps much further. Even without such obvious results, this exercise is useful for the destruction of targets on the astral plane. Repeated often enough, the astral image will affect the physical image. Keep in mind that, as with any combat magic, magicians are damned hard to kill due to the fact that they regularly make use of larger amounts of energy than your average human. Consequently, the magician who makes easy prey of mundanes may well find himself stymied when attacking a magician (who may or may not even be aware of the attack, only a heightened level of negative energy).

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