(Rough draft of an AXion Empowerment)


The following is a rough write-up of a ritette I performed in conjunction with my "Feast of the Beastday" celebrations. A full (and prolly a bit less obtuse) version should be coming your way soon.

All too often, "chaos magicians" tell me that they still use what has come to be standard rites as preliminaries in their own ritual creations. A beautiful stand-alone ritual will have "Perform the Vortex" as step #1. Frankly, it's illen, and after wincing, I move on.

Most rituals are written as experience-plaques, marking and recording a significant event that the author lusts to share (why else publish it?)

Others are disseminated for research purposes and whatnot. As a chaosorcerer, if I feel compelled to perform someone else's ritual it is because a) I am leading a group rite and too lazy to explain a new rite, or b) I am inspired by another's work and must try it on for style, or c) it forms part of the scheduled AutonomatriX Commentary Project or d) decided beforehand by the group I'm working with.

Most preliminary rites are designed as a myth-map that the group uses to link up with its group-mind, -meme or -egregore. Simple cultural "right-of-way" signposts. Leaders arise out of followers, and rites become ceremony (thereby the Pentagram and Hexagram rituals in the ceremonial WET*sense, Drawing Down the Moon, the Vortex, and others.)

As a network, we have little or no "basic" rituals we can (or should) proclaim chief. Ones that work for us (we find successful) are performed any number of times until we develop a better method. A pangenic tribe as we are, it might be considered naivete to assume that a non-local ritual (written in another time and place, by another person) would function better than one developed, on the spot, by yourself or the group. Participation is all that is required, and it can take any shape, i.e. acting out and telling or active listening to a story that relates to the objective, singing a song, chanting, maybe with pre-existing recordings, a pathworking, a ritualized chemognostica, anything. Single-mindedness is strived for.

So in conclusion to the foregoing rant, I transcribe the following that happened on 960606, just after 7pm on that day.

(Note: If done in group, all stand facing out from a single point, their backs and/or sides touching.)

The Rite:

1. State confidently that "I will twist the fabric to create a new scheme" and step forward one pace.

2. Lean forward, stretching the arm you write with out as far as possible without you losing your balance.

3. Inhale forcibly, visualizing a point of energy forming at your out-stretched middlefingertip (you may prefer pulling the others back).

4. Exhale forcibly while forming the following word-couples and drawing a chaostar line-per-line before you:

a. Will-Imagination; draw a vertical line from your eye level to the level of your belly. Inhale forcibly and go to the next one.

b. Belief-Glamour; draw a horizontal line from your right side to your left. You see before you a "+" which, in turn, forms the base of a diamond in two-dimensional space. Imagine a diamond shape made of a thin latex stretched over a frame. Inhale.

c. Lust-Hate; draw from your upper left to your lower right. Inhale.

d. Love-Dedication; draw from your upper right to your lower left, seeing the base of a square formed by the "x" you've just completed.

e. Withdraw your hands to your sides.

(The bases of the pyramids are formed by making the start and end points of each line drawn as corners.)

5. Say, "-Your Magical Name- twists the reality-membrane!"

6. An ever extending pyramid shape is created with the poke. Extend the fore and pinky fingers of both hands and twist in your preferred direction, a northern or southern hemisphere whirlpool is created, a still symbol of which is the AX logo.

7. This may be repeated in however many directions, or the operator may see the Axlogo expand into a sphere about them.

*Western Esoteric Tradition, i.e. Golden Dawn, OTO, The Gardnerian & Alexandrian Witchcraft, etc.

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