If I went to your home, and you had a limited amount of water, and I started to add bleach to it, what would you think?
If I went to your home, and you had a limited amount of air, and I started burning a tire in your kitchen, what would you do?
I went to your home, and you had a limited amount of earth to plant your vegetables, and I started to dump gas into it, what would you say?

I don't think it's a matter of being an environmentalist, an alarmist, or any of these things.  I think it's a matter of realizing that we do have limited resources on this planet. Earth and all that was put on it, WAS NOT put here for man's use.  We are part of it, and when we destroy it, we are destroying ourselves.

What happens when all the of the oil deposits are exhausted (can't happen?), what happens when we have taken out all of the minerals (no?), what happens when all of the fish have been taken out of the ocean (heard of  the cod situation lately?).  What will we use?  Will we go down through the food chain, using everything up?  We are already thinking of harvesting sea urchins - the next big boom!  What next?

I think we have to radically re-think the way we operate as humans, as communities, as societies, etc.  Where do we see ourselves over the next 100 years, 200 years, 1,000 years?  They tell us we need "mission/vision statements" in our businesses, our families, even our personal lives.  What about a "humanity mission/vision statement"?  Long range thinking, not reactive - oops, an environmental incident here, a mishap there.

If you look at the various natural disasters that are happening, they seem to have a common thread: Floods; because of severe tree de-forestation, Fires; because we refused to clear up undergrowth (or even let nature do that for us), Weather; because of global warming.

I saw on the news the other day, that when we ask the question, "Do we really get worse weather on the weekends?", it may be true.  Apparently, in cities, pollution rises increasingly from Monday to Friday, warming the air, and causing storms, which happen on the weekends.  Scary, eh!

I'm not really sure that recycling is the best way - sure it puts a band aid on our consciousness'.  But are we really using the stuff? or is it being put away in warehouses? or even in the dumps and landfills with the other garbage because no one buys it?  Maybe if we didn't have all that fancy packaging to begin with?  Changing our realities may be the thing that saves us: moving away from a "consumer society", a "stuff" society to one which thinks about what is important, what is really needed in order to survive and make the individual happy on an inner level.  No using the huge house, the two cars, the fancy clothes as salves on our empty spirits.

I do believe we have the capacity (and the brain power) to make changes for the better.  I think it scares us, because it means we have to look at things differently.  I makes us responsible for our destinies and the destinies of our future generations, another uncomfortable idea.

Do we want to be one of the shorter lived species on this planet???

Survey on the Importance of Nature to Canadians
--The Daily (Statistics Canada) September 22, 1998

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