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Spell magic with a "K" ......what a silly Bunt!

By Yeti

(My apologies to Monty Python for stealing their joke)

Guest Book entry:

Please add a "K" to the end of the word "Magic". This signifies differentiates the word from the Theatrical magic! Thank you. Blessed be!!
Houston, MO. USA -

In response to the entry on the spelling of "magic":
In studying over two hundred pagan religions, we have found at least five different spellings of MAGIC. How each pantheon spells its version is a matter of their tradition. As a pagan you should respect other people's religious customs and not try and enforce your system on anyone else. This is what differentiates us from most "organized religions" as we don't attempt to claim our way is the only way. (See the Christian Crusades). If, in your belief system, you require the spelling "MAGICK" to differentiate your workings from the Mundane tricksters, we respect that; so if we choose to spell it "magic" please understand that we are not alikening it to stage magic (although theatrical magic has a tradition older than a lot of neo-pagan systems, and has a code of secrecy stricter than some Ceremonial systems) and respect that. If your tradition has a magickal system that works for you, why worry what others call it? Brightest Blessings !
Magickly Yours,
The Yeti's Lair.