So You Want a Spell?

We get a lot of requests for spells;
"Can you send me a spell to do this?"
or "Can you give me a ritual for this holiday?"

The short answer is, yes, we can, but we won't.

Before you start thinking that sounds mean, let us explain: The reason we don't hand out our spells is because we firmly believe all Wiccans, after study and/or training, should write their own.

There is nothing wrong with using spells in books or on web pages, as long as they are used as guidelines or associations for writing your own spell.

There are many reasons for this. A lot of new Witches might try a spell word-for-word out of a book and not know what many components of the spell mean or what they are for. Therefore, the spell will not work. It's not the words you say that make the spell work, it's the intent and the energy. If you don't know the meaning of what you are doing, how can it be an effective spell?

If you write your own spell or ritual, you will know the meaning and significance of every word and action contained in that spell, thus your magickal working will be full of power.

Regarding Black Magic:

We feel "Nothing is for Free" and even if it "harm none", it will still

extract a payment of some kind, either way (black or white). Black magic in

our thinking, is magic that is done for, or against, somebody else without

their knowledge. This can even include love spells or healing - as long as

the person isn't aware of what is being done to them. Evil magic is just

sending bad stuff out there or trying to hurt someone. In Wicca there is

the "threefold rule" of what you send out comes back at you three times. I

guess we follow more the "nothing is free" code. That also includes good

magic. You are putting stuff out there, causing an imbalance in energy,

which as some point has to be rebalanced. This payment might be extracted

in advance, during or after your magical working: the cosmos decides.

Example: You give someone directions or go out of your way to show them the

route; that might be considered an advance payment for a spell you do that

night to get a better grade at school or a promotion at work, it might be

taken into account, or not.

As for doing evil magic, why do it? If you hate someone, ignore them,

don't give them the satisfaction of affecting your life. If someone hurts

you, realize where it is coming from and try to see if it is warranted (did

you do something to them?) or are they just twisted and can't help it? If

the latter is the case, then stewing in their own juices is punishment

enough, you don't have to punish them more, and risk something coming back

at you. As for "what happens", remember, magic, and its effects disguise

themselves as coincidence, sort of like when you are mean to someone in a

store, leave and then a car passes through a puddle and splashes you.

So before you try a "curse" or some Voodoo ritual you find on line, do yourself a huge favor....

If you are truly serious,

Read, study, then read and study some more.

If you don't know what you are doing you can truly cause yourself a world of hurt.

All that being said, here are the locations on our website which contain references to thousands of spells other people have written and chosen to publicly publish.

Wiccan Spell Books

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