This ritual is based upon the Maori myth of how death became permanent. Stated briefly, Rarohenga is the Maori underworld. It is ruled by the goddess Hine Nui Te Po, which means Goddess of the Great Night. It was this goddess who slew the trickster-demigod Maui.

Before the death of Maui, the door to Rarohenga swung both ways, so to speak. Man was effectively immortal, but was bound to leave the mundane world at some pre-designated point in life and journey to Rarohenga. While all mankind had to make his home there from that point on, an individual could journey back to the mundane world from time to time, and those who hadn't yet had to relocate to Rarohenga could journey there for a visit if they were so inclined.

Maui decided to put an end to this, and went to Rarohenga while Hine Nui Te Po slept. He changed himself into a green caterpillar and attempted to crawl into Hine's vagina, intending to burrow through her body and emerge from her mouth. This would have slain the goddess, and released humankind from the necessity of ever going to the underworld at all.

Unfortunately for Maui, he had taken four bird-god companions with him; these were Tiwaiwaka (fantail), Miromiro (gray warbler), Tataeko (whitehead) and Pitoitoi (robin). As he crawled into Great Hine, Tiwaiwaka began to laugh at the sight. This awakened the goddess, who clamped her vagina down on Maui and destroyed him. From this point onward, it became impossible to enter or leave Rarohenga without either actually dying or at least knowing some very powerful karakia (Maori spells).


The purpose of this ritual is to evoke Tiwaiwaka at the moment just prior to his laughing, and to stop him from causing Maui's death. In doing so, the participants seek to retroactively reopen the doors of Rarohenga.

To aid in the necessary visualizations, a brief description of the entities involved is offered:

Maui: Visualize him in the form of a small green caterpillar, about an inch long, with its head disappearing into the vagina of

Hine Nui Te Po: A hideous feminine giant, about eleven feet tall, sleeping on the ground with her legs splayed carelessly. She has the body of a human female, with seaweed for hair, eyes made of green stone, and the mouth of a barracuda.

Surrounding these two are four birds, as above. It is not necessary to know exactly what all four look like; use your imagination.

Tiwaiwaka: will be portrayed by one of the participants. Wherever that individual stands, Hine Nui Te Po's head is visualized as in front of them.

The Rite:

0. Statement of intent: "It is our will to open the barrier between this world and the underworld, Rarohenga."

1. The participant who portrays Tiwaiwaka takes a step forward toward the center of the working area. Camvang should have been selected beforehand, and bears some token to connect camvang to Tiwaiwaka (a feather, a rubber beak...).

2. All visualize as strongly as possible the scene described above. While doing so, they chant in a barely audible voice this karakia, in either English or Maori;

Te Po nui The great Night
Te Po roa The long Night
Te Po uriuri The dark Night
Te Po kerekere The blackest Night
Te Po tiwha The gloomy Night
Te Po tangotango The Night only felt
Te Po te kitea The unseen Night

Keep in mind that Hine Nui Te Po is a notoriously light sleeper. In all manner, conduct yourself as if you were desperately trying not to wake someone up.

3. After they feel that a sufficient point has been reached, each participant stops chanting. Tiwaiwaka takes a second step forward, and begins to act as if camvang were trying to prevent camvangself from laughing.

4. The participants, having been provided with ropes or string of some type, tie up and gag Tiwaiwaka, while repeating:


5. Tiwaiwaka falls to the ground. Maui is visualized as crawling out of Hine's mouth; this is the sign that Rarohenga is opened. As each participant successfully visualizes, they should fall into some type of death posture whilst concentrating on their personal image of an underworld until gnosis is reached. Use a statement of intent beforehand, giving voice to your reason for performing this action.

6. Anokquz.

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