A Divinatory Red Rite


This rite is essentially a divination spread, and if preferable, just the divination spread without the rite itself can be used. The extra actions beyond the divination are included to put the participant in a particular frame of mind and focus.

This rite is a prepatory red rite in that it is used to assess your standing with an adversary. When you feel someone is possibly meaning you some harm or you feel uncomfortable with a situation and yet cannot quite put your finger on what exactly is going on, the divination spread in this rite is meant to give you more information.

Materials Needed:

- Divination Tools.

(Because the author is partial to the Tarot, the cards are used in the text of this rite. But if you are more comfortable with the Runes, the I-Ching, or any other form of divination, there is no reason they cannot be substituted for the cards.)


The metaphor used for this rite is one of a warrior in a jungle, observing the sights and sounds in nature for clues about an unseen enemy who is moving closer. If you wish, you may dress up as such a warrior and/or actually perform this rite in the thick of nature, but neither are strictly necessary. You should find a quiet spot where you can perform this rite. On choosing your site, approach it with some stealth and respect. Look. Listen. Search. Observe any signs. All observations are relevant to this rite and are part of the divination.

The Rite:

1. After you have taken some time to observe your surroundings, face north and take out your divination tool - as an example in this rite, tarot cards. Take the cards and shuffle them as you normally would. Now lay them out in the following way, face down:

2. To the North, lay out one card. This is the nature of the problem - your enemy (the enemy can be either a person or a situation).

3. To the South, lay out three cards. These cards represent the best tools, weapons, and allies your enemy has on their side.

4. To the East, lay out three cards. These cards represent the best tools, weapons, and allies you have on your side.

5. To the West, lay out one card. This card represents a hidden factor neither you nor your enemy are counting on.

6. After laying the cards out, face North and turn over that card. If the one card on its own doesn't explain to your satisfaction the nature of the problem, you can cross it with one more card for further clarification.

7. Turn around, read the cards to the South, then the ones to the East.

8. Finally, read the one card to the West - the Hidden Factor. Again, if the one card does not satisfy, you may cross it with one more card.


These are your signs and observances. Notice that in this divination spread, there is deliberately no outcome card. This spread is meant for only gathering information. You must make your own decision based on the signs you have observed.

When you are done, cover up the site as you leave (either figuratively or literally) to hide the fact you were there.

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