Most acts of aggression are instigated by people who perceive the recipient to be weaker and thus more vulnerable to attack. Humanity, being the creatures of opportunity that we are, are likely to seize upon weakness in many covert as well as overt ways. There is some truth to the common wisdom that a well prepared army can actually discourage attack from the outside. By developing a 'larger-than-life' field to initially interact with our immediate surroundings, we can eliminate or at least lesson a portion of the confrontations and petty war games we are likely to meet in our daily life.

In some aspects, this working will lessen the need to do actual combat magic in that obstacles will be more readily neutralized. A danger exists that if this Talisman is constantly fed large doses of red energy which is then kept projecting out into the world that increased confrontation will occur.

Items needed:

The Rite:

0. The ritual is started from a sitting position. Large squares of foil are cut and placed in front of each participant. Place talisman in the middle of the square of foil.

Place A red candle in front of each participant on the foil. DO NOT LIGHT. A fresh pack of matches or a lighter should sit to the side of it.

1. Statement of Intent (recited by the MO, repeated by the other participants):

"It is my will
to create a talisman of red
to ward off confrontations
both great and small.

2. Sigil and Mantra creation:

Each person takes pen and paper and creates a sigil and mantra based on the above or similar statement of intent. Each person then draws, with sufficient quantities of Salt Peter, their sigil on the foil in front of them. It should surround their talisman. Care must be taken so that all parts of the sigil are connected.

3. Signal

Once you are finished making your sigil with Salt Peter, light your red candle, being careful not to ignite the salt peter. Sit quietly and breath deeply until all candles are lit.

4. Gnosis

Once all candles are lit, each member with an instrument should start playing in some sort of rhythm. All members should start softly chanting their mantras, building in loudness and speed until gnosis is achieved and the talisman is charged.

5. Consecration

Once all have achieved gnosis and everyone is quite, consecrate your talisman by lighting your salt peter sigil.

6. Banish by laughter.

Post Note:

Ideally, your talisman should be worn as a necklace. It will always radiate a sphere of red war energy. When confronted with situations in daily life where aggression or the image of fearlessness is needed in more potent doses, think of a ruby red light expanding from your talisman, radiating outward to a distance of about 30 feet in all directions. Think of each inward breath and lighting the fire inside you and each outward breath stoking the fire within you talisman, making it burn brighter.

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