The idea of this rite is to first evoke, then destroy a personal demon. We are a conglomerate of individuals trapped in one physical body. Some of these personalities we like and some we don't. Of those that are disagreeable, some are necessary and some are detrimental (your very own demon). The trick here is to find one of the harmful aspects of your personality and destroy it for all time. Be careful of that which you wish to destroy!!! For example, what may appear as harmful, may in fact aid you in accomplishing what you desire.

The Rite:

0. Statement of Intent: "It is our will to destroy our demons."

1. Choose your demon: Write down a few words which describe it. Be concise, yet precise.

2. Live your demon: Concentrate intently on the words you have chosen. Read them aloud over and over until you can no longer even remember their meaning. In larger spaces, it is encouraged to act out every facet of your demon. Alternatively, you may wish to visualize an object, person, or animal which represents it. Become it.

3. Randomize your demon: When gnosis has been completely attained, and you are your demon, count out the number of syllables of all words which you had written down. Roll a multiple sided die (i.e. 4, 6, 8, 10), or a combination thereof, in order to randomly choose a number which corresponds to the number of syllables in your words. Thus, if you have ten syllables in your combined words, and you roll an "8", then count each syllable, and single out the eighth one.

4. Create a Demonic Egregore: The MO should roll a multiple sided die(s) which corresponds to the number of participants. Counting widdershins, whoever is chosen should spell out their syllable. Continuing widdershins, each participant spells out their syllable, until the circle has been completed. After all have been written down, a new word has emerged. This is the representation of all our demons, crunched together in one. If there are many participants, the MO may choose to break the word into two or three parts, if desired. Hishi begins to chant the name over and over. Others should join in. Continue chanting while visualizing this newly created demon. The MO should jot down the word on a piece of paper for each participant.

5. Invocation:

Demon ______________!
We call you by your secret name.
Come Kali, Come Tiamat, Come Set
We invoke these selves upon you.
Kalitiamatset, the secret name of the demon is ______________
Bind it with the chains of iron
Pierce its joints with knives of iron
and render it asunder.

6. Kill your demon: Whilst envisioning the egregore being torn asunder, every participant should rip their paper into little bits. Screams of agony and pain are encouraged. Feel the demon being ripped from your psyche.

7. Banish by laughter


This rite may also be performed by an individual. One should create a sentence or group of words which represents the demon. Then, randomly choose the number of syllables to be used in the "name". Finally, roll the dice as above, to determine which syllables will be chosen. Alternatively, adapt the creation of the name in any random manner you see fit. If multi-sided dice are not available at the moment, the same effect may be produced by writing the syllables on scraps of paper and drawing them out of a container. The key to remember here is randomness.

It may be possible to determine the effectiveness of this rite by having the participants try and guess the nature of each other's "demon".

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