The purpose of this ritual is to bring to life one of our many selves that we've seemed to have lost along the way, or create a new one that we may find beneficial. For example, being to positive may not be a good idea, thus your purpose would be to invoke a negative-self. And the same goes for being too negative... It is wise to be sure that this self will be beneficial to you, however.

Introduction & Materials Needed:

The idea of this ritual is to search out a person, animal, object, etc., that holds an excessive amount of the energy you may want. For example, say that Frater Doggie-style.6969 has many great sexual abilities, then he is the person you'll need to visualize during the ritual, if you are seeking to be more proficient at sex. Be sure to sigilize what it is that you want out of the ritual, and have it already pre-prepared. You may also make a fetish, or some such thing, to symbolize your desire as well... Whatever you do, don't be creative! -- NOT!

Statement of Intent:

"It is our / my will to invoke this new self!"

(Visualize the person, animal, object, strongly while executing the statement of intent).

The Rite:

0. Begin by crying "HUT!"

1. Begin by staring deeply at your sigil, and meditate on what "self" it is that you wish to invoke.

2. After a few moments are spent on the meditation begin the mantra: "DANW BELTL YOM!"

3. After some time is spent doing the mantra and meditating on the sigil, begin spinning widdershins while at the same time visualizing your person/animal/object of your intent descending you from above.

5. After spinning widdershins and chanting the mantra until gnosis is built, imagine the person/animal/object you're invoking getting closer and closer to you from soon as you become dizzy from doing the widdershins, thus eventually falling to the ground, visualize the person/animal/object you're invoking being absorbed into your body as you hit the ground.

6. Banish with Laughter.

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