The purpose of this ritual is to tap into your subconscious for information. This may be used to obtain information on anything that one desires. As such, it can be used as a form of divination.

Introduction & Materials Needed:

For this ritual you will need to make a sigil and mantra out of the statement of intent. You will also need to know some type of death posture. It may be wise to adorn the working space with the yellow / solar color. Individual sheets of yellow paper will be needed as well; however, just one sheet will be fine . It is to be cut into circles, and the individuals present should put hir sigil on one side, and a dot on the center of the other side.

The Ritual:

Statement of intent:

It is our / my will to enter solar consciousness and obtain information therein.

0) The grounds are prepared however the Main Operator would like, although it is wise that s/he shares this with the rest of those present, if you're working with others.

1) All visualize a yellow flowing light that is radiant and luminous all around, then each individual will visualize hir sigil into the light at the point where the light is the only thing seen by hir. The sigil is visualized in the color octarine. Optionally, the sigil can be drawn with any finger, or magical weapons that one prefers.

2) After everyone visualizes hir sigil they begin to chant the following Ouranian-Barbaric words, until everyone joins in together:


3) Everyone begins to pass around hir sigil to the left with the left hand, while still chanting the Barbaric invocation. Participants should visualize a vortex of yellow light building up.

4) All participant then place hir sigil into the middle of the working space, and they are to be set afire by the person who made them.

5) Everyone, after hir sigil is afire, should get into death posture. After the death posture is complete, individuals should write any images, etc., that they may have seen while in death posture as soon as it's complete.

6) The ritual is then followed with laughter to banish.


Whatever is written on the final sheet of paper is the outcome. Further investigations, etc., of the symbols obtained should be made.

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