Ritual Atmospherics

Ritual Atmospherics is a "self-designer" ritual which suggests using the natural elements of water, wind and ice, to replicate and launch sigils (both digital and analogue). This ritual involves using self induced "atmospheric pressure" as a metaphor for drawing off the infinite reserve of KIA in the form of mentally generated snow storms. The thought seeds representing the sigil formation may be visualized as translating into the minute nuclei of each snow flake, as it conforms to the fractal equation of the sigil and Statement of Intent. Atmospheric low pressure zones could be astrally created and funnelled to specific locations.

The grandeur of huge blizzard-type snow storms invokes many powerful emotions which may resonate with neural and genetic memory alike. Just as a low pressure system will draw moisture off of a water surface and suck it up into the swirling cloud mass, "astrally" constructed snowflakes, in properly defined atmospheric parameters, created in the vacum of "no mind" or "neither-neither" consciousness, will accomplish an analgous effect. This mental vacuity could be seen as a metaphor for a "low pressure system", allowing the natural uptake from the infinite "ocean" of KIA.

The sigilized desire, having been converted to a numerical/geometrical anilinear equation is thereby embedded within each snowflake as they swirl forth from the visualized matrix. As huge snowstorms dramatically transform the physical world, swirling mentally visualized Blizzards could be used to blanket "target" landscapes, transforming them to meet specific requirements.

Snowflakes could represent sigilized "macrophage" cells, funneled through "astral conduits" to aid in healing rituals, or to cause havoc on intended targets, mold virtual landscapes to specific requirements etc.

Ritual Specifics:

Statement of Intent:
It is my/our will to conjure a mental blizzard for the purpose of extending my/our will over the Earth.

Sigilize desire.

Visualize the sigil glowing within a black Chaosphere.

Internalize Chaosphere and shrink it down to the size of a speck of dust.

Allow the dust particle to explode... sending out exact digital replicas of itself omnidirectionally.

Gradually these particles begin to absorb minute quatities of atmospheric KIA .

ATTAIN GNOSIS ! (Daath Posture proves to be particularly effective for simulating astral "low-pressure zones").

(At peak of Gnosis operator/s may INVOKE weather deity of choice).

Atmospheric vacuity increases uptake of KIA, creating a visulization of a swirling blizzard. Howling winds created by WILL direct the "sigil storm" to it's destination. In tropical climates the same technique may be applied using Tropical Rain Storms. Dust storms, Hurricanes and Tornadoes. Floods could also be useful tools for specialized applications.

I found the symbolism of "Mother Hulda" to be particularly intriguing, both due to simplicity and ease of visualization. Mother Hulda represents the Teutonic Lunar Goddess, "Holda", known for causing snow and rain storms by shaking out her bedclothes. An old feather pillow and a vacumn cleaner is all the supplies neccessary for this invocation. If it doesn't seem cold enough, an invocation of "Jack Frost" may be appropriate. In addition, I have included a list of "weather" deities from around the world. Feel free to select from any of the Pantheons included. This list is just a suggestion and is in no way meant to represent the entire spectrum of weather deities.

Banish with Laughter...

A List of Deities Associated with Weather/Snow

Storms Thunder Thunderbolts Clouds Rain Whirlwinds
Jupiter- Roman
The Maruts- Roman
Set- Egyptian
Asi-suki-taka-hi-kone- Japanese
Donar- Norse
Jupiter- Roman
Kami-Nari- Japanese
Lei-Kung- Chinese
Set- Egyptian
Susanopo- Japanese
Thor- Norse
Zeus- Greek
Tien-Mu- Chinese
Vulcan- Roman
Zeus- (duh)
Addad- Assyrian
Saranyu- Hindu (a goddess)
Yun-T'yung- chinese
Addad- Assyrian
Ao (four dragon kings)- Chinese
Ganymede- Greek
Imdugud- Assyrian
Jupiter- Roman
Taki-tsu-hiko- Japanese
Tefnut- Egyptian
Thor- Norse
Yu-Tzu- Chinese
Haya-Ji- Japanese

This list is somewhat random and does not represent a comprehensive compilation on this subject.

Source for above information: GODDESSES IN WORLD MYTHOLOGY, A Biographical Dictionary by Martha Ann and Dorothy Myers Imel, published by Oxford University Press, NY. 1993. This book contains entries for over 11,000 goddesses, nymphs, demons and deified women.

Appendix: Results

Preliminaries beforehand include the revision of Jihad's "Ritual Atmospherics", the creation of a witchant, and, with the decision to bind weather-knots for the bringing of the sun, we each drew a sigil for strength/vitality/solar consciousness which was then appended to a solar dot-in-a-circle glyph.

The Sigil

The sigil paper is brought to the area of working, with a candle (or firewood) and the rope.

1. Opening:
The rope, its length equal to the combined arms-breadth of all participants, is laid down in a circle. Inside the rope-circle, the drawing of invoking unicursal hexagrams to the south of the working area begins the ritual.

2. Statement of Intent:
It is our will to conjure sunshine as an extention of our wills upon the Earth.

3. Loading the Program:
Each participant invokes a personal image of a solar deity, then visualizes the sigil glowing within a black star before them. Allow the star to pulsate, then shrink to the size of a speck of dust. Inhale the speck with force and let it explode within you. As it does, exhale upwards.

4. Run the Program:
A gnostic state is attained with a clockwise dance. Each participant picks up the rope in his or her right hand, and stepping outside it (the rope-circle) begins moving in a circle, holding the rope tautly. The witchant is begun:

Sun, Sun light the days
Sun, Sun bring your rays
Sweat through toil
Simmer to boil
Sun, Sun burning blaze!

5. End Program:
When the dance has become frenzied, and the participants have attained sufficient gnosis, the circling stops and each participant ties a slip-knot into the rope. The hands, one of which is rope-burned by this point, are to be imagined imbued with solar power when this is done.

6. Sealing and talisman taking:
The sigil is burned and, while holding their knots in one hand the rope is burned at the midpoint between each knot. Each participant then keeps their portion of the rope with their slip-knot for later use. (The slip-knot is loosened and the rope hung outside to bring forth the Sun!)

We then divined the efficacy of the working using the chemognosified Kree8ur as our Oracle, and decided to loose the knots at the time of awakening on the following Saturday, which by all weather reports was due to rain all weekend.

970302, Sunday

All three of us loosed our knots and hung them out to dry (as it were) on a rainy and dark Saturday morning. All knots were undone by 11am, and at that time the sun broke through and it remained bright and sunny 'til sundown. It rained lightly in the night, and was then dry until noon Sunday. Additional assistance via enchantment by Darakan in a car heading south towards Seattle is reported.

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