A Ritual Enchantment

Elixir, Animal Sacrifice, Fish swallowing. Mmmmm, conjures up an image of beer-sluggin' fratboys in college. For this ritual live fish eating, it is recommended that you fast for three hours before the rite is begun. The following rite is intended to bring up from the depths hidden skills talents or insights in a specified area of your life.

Materials Needed:


1. Elixir: The elixir is made by taking herbs associated or intuited to represent skills talents attitudes etc. that you have either forgotten since childhood or wish to draw out in yourself.

Place the herbs upon/within the filter and place both hands over it, forming a point-outward triangle with your index fingers and thumbs.

2. Consecrate the herbs to your desire by a statement. (For example, "By these words you, star anise, are consecrated to my will to make friends as easily as I did when I was a child") Concentrate your attention solely upon the herbs, seen through the triangle made by your hands for a few moments.

3. Take a small amount of the herb and smoke it. Visualize yourself performing the desired result easily, effortlessly, and confidently. When visualizing, blow smoke out onto the remaining herbs. Taking the empty bowl and placing it beneath the filter, pour the vodka upon the herbs. Shout out: "EHNOSH'TAQ!" as the elixir begins to drain into the bowl.

4. Take the fishbowl and perform a similar action as in steps 1&2, only this time, the fish is an active re-programmer of the reptile brain--the herbs act as a catalyst for its input into your operating system. (For example, "You are a living conduit--a living circuit for information--you will carry the information I give you back into myself, there to work magic and bring about my goal.") You do not have to be able to actually see the fish in its black lagoon to consecrate it.

5. Invocation: "I call upon the processes of memory I call upon the likeness of daydream I call upon the dweller in the deepest places I call upon the lurker in the darkness Hear me and make flesh this desire (Your intent is recited here) This fish shall not die but live on in my actions This flesh (smack fist against chest) shall no longer hunger for this need!"

6. Thrust your hand in and grab the fish quickly, placing it into the elixir and immediately drinking/swallowing it. If you are made to vomit the fish back up, it is a good indication that your desire is in conflict with your deep mind, and meditation is suggested before repeating the experiment.

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