A Banishing-Invockation Rite Fit For All Sizes


  1. Getting rid ov maternal (as "societal" or "conservative" pressure) influences (an ONgoing project, continuation ov thee X-Blood Rite), as well as getting rid ov emotional attachments to past lovers (people you've been in love with).
  2. Resume a conversation with father (the absent father, an all-too common configuration), so as to heal emotional lackings and draw some guidelines to re-organize life.
  3. Invoke Hestia as the nucleus-core guiding deity ov a future polyamorous family.


The Rite is conceived as a double operation, to get a critical distance from Luna (left) and get acquainted with Sol (right). As the rite was created here in the South hemisphere, North/South atributions should bee switched if performed in the North hemisphere. Both Hera and Apollo will help with their fire (KENAZ and FEHU) to blast your way/keep your fire burning/illuminate your knowledge ov other suitable people to be with you, and conversely make you visible to them.




Facing East: HUT.

Mace's 3Circles, holding wand as central bar. LPBR as per Carroll. Vortex. Inscription ov FEHU and KENAZ on 8 planes (6 external, 1 physical [upon the body], 1 astral [drawing with the body ov light and a visualized wand upon the surface ov one's mind])

5 claps. Bell ringing.

SOI: It's my will to heal my emotional wounds and create an evolved type ov family.


Rune asanas: Hagalaz, Ehwaz, Sowilo, Thurisaz, Isa, Ansuz, while vibrating H-E-S-T-I-A.

Cry: BOCATONG JUNAWAH TAXCHAS!!!, while circling widdershins the altar 2 times.

Facing South, assume Kali asana (stand with left foot facing outwards to the left and right foot facing out right, bend the knees into right angles; echo this with the arms, also facing outwards to each side in L shapes; stick thee tongue out and breathe for a while).


Now, banish unwanted maternal influences, POVs, and restrictions (by reading a letter addressed to a maternal figure with whom one has trouble [there's no need to actually send the letter, just write it for you!]), while doing gestures ov cutting thee umbilical cord, scissors gesture, protection gesture ov thumb between other fingers, horns mudra, etc. You may also draw some blood (like tracing the initial ov your magickal name on your skin). Cry out loud and burn thee fucking lettah.

Assume the Saturn stance and vibrate its mantra (these are preferably developed by yourselv, maybe according to thee method described in "Chaos Ritual" by Steve Wilson).

Facing West, Kali stance & mantra. Dissasemble into crumbles the representation ov past lovers, calling their names while saying:

"e divest myselv ov emotional blockage... e divest myselv from shyness..."
(or whatever you found out to bee the reason for separation when doing thee BECOMING WHOLE rite).

keep thee crumbles to be fed later to thee street birds. Saturn stance & mantra.

Now, circle deosil the altar 2 times while crying BOXATONG JUNAWAH TAXCHAS!!!

Facing North, Sun asana & mantra. Light a golden candle. Visualize a warm paternal figure missing in your life. Converse with father (intense concentration on his portrait and/or a Tarot card representing him), overbreathe, stimulate weeping. Read a letter addressed to your father, telling him things you never did. Consecrate by the golden fire an amulet devoted to Apollo/Sun.


Venus asana & mantra. Invocation ov Hestia, as per usual method (praise, visualization, drawing close, incarnation). glossolalia (record this), drawing ov an oracle on the best course ov action related to family/love/emotions, sexual re-charge ov a Venusian/Hestian amulet. Consecration ov amulet by the golden fire. License to depart.

Banishings (mace circles, vortex, lpbr). bell ringing, claps, anokquz.

"thee perfect state is to be sure that no time is wasted, no energy repressed and no fear hidde."
-TOPY, thee grey book

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